Photo Name Research Program Contact details Profile
 Heremba Bailung

Director (Additional Charge), IASST
Experimental plasma physics Basic and Applied Plasma Physics hbailung[at]yahoo[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. N. C. Talukdar

Former Director, IASST
Life Science Division Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research nctalukdar[at]yahoo[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Neelotpal Sen Sarma

Advanced Material Sciences neelot[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr.Subir Biswas

Asst. Prof. II
Experimental Plasma Physics Basic and Applied Plasma Physics subirb[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan

Assistant Professor - II
Biophysics Basic and Applied Plasma Physics View Profile
 Dr. Devasish Chowdhury

Associate Professor - II
Carbon Nanomaterials; Polyner Nanocomposites; Nanobiotechnology Advanced Material Sciences devasish[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Arup Ratan Pal

Associate Professor II
Plasma Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Electronic, Optoelectronic and Bioelectronic Devices Advanced Material Sciences arpal[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Munima B. Sahariah

Associate Professor II
Advanced Material Sciences munimab[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Sarathi Kundu

Assoc. Prof. - II
Advanced Material Sciences sarathi[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Suresh Deka

Hon. Professor
Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research sureshdeka[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. (Mrs.) Arundhuti Devi

Assoc. Professor-I
Environmental Chemistry Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research deviarundh2[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in ; arundhuti[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Mojibur R. Khan

Assoc. Professor-II
Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research mojibur[dot]khan[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Debajit Thakur

Associate Professor II
Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research View Profile
 Dr.Rahul Pralhad Hepat

Assistant Professor-II
Insect Molecular Virology, Seri-Biotechnology Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research rahulhepat[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. (Mrs.) Rajlakshmi Devi

Associate Professor II
Tradional Knowledge Based Drug Development & Delivery rajiasst[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Biswajit Choudhury

Assistant Professor-II
Fundamental Study and Applications of Semiconductor and Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Energy and Environment Advanced Material Sciences biswa[dot]tezu[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Jagat Borah

Assoc. Prof-II
Tradional Knowledge Based Drug Development & Delivery borahjc[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Anamika Kalita

Advanced Material Sciences anamika[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Rosy Mondal

Research interest: Cancer genomics- Cell free Nucleic acid, mitochondrial genomics, Biomarker development in cancer, prognosis and monitoring of therapy, Oncovirus, Healthcare Genomics. Specialization -Molecular Biology, Cancer Genomics (HNSCC) Tradional Knowledge Based Drug Development & Delivery drrosymondal[at]gmail[dot]com/rosym[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Suman K Samanta

Molecular Pharmacology Tradional Knowledge Based Drug Development & Delivery skshamanta[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Gautam Choudhury

Associate Professor II
Mathematical & Computational Sciences View Profile
 Dr. (Mrs.) Lipi B. Mahanta

Associate Professor II
Mathematical & Computational Sciences View Profile
 Dr. Santu Das

Assistant Professor-II
Mathematics, Water-wave mechanics Mathematical & Computational Sciences d.santu[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr.Joyanti Chutia

Emeritus Scinetist
Basic and Applied Plasma Physics joyanti_c[at]yahoo[dot]com View Profile