Science Day Programme of IASST

IASST joins the entire India in celebrating National Science Day on 28 February to commemorate the same day of the year 1928 on which Sir C.V. Raman made the discovery of Raman Effect earning him the prestigious Nobel Prize in 1938. Being a national level institute for promoting Science and Technology, this is one occasion when IASST invites renowned academicians, researchers and inventors to deliver popular lectures based on the respective year’s Science Day theme to a diverse audience comprising of high school and college students, teachers and general public along with the IASST members. This is to ignite the young minds with scientific ideas and to spread awareness about the recent progress of science amongst the common mass. Along with this, budding inventors from Assam and nearby states are encouraged to promote their inventions in front of academia and industry by providing them with a platform on this special occasion.