Orchid Resource

Orchids are the greatest pride of the         North-East India’s landscape and biodiversity. There are around 35000 varieties of orchids in the world with approximately 1314 varieties found in India. And interestingly, about 850 varieties are found in North-East India with 402 varieties found only in Assam. IASST has maintained around 14 varieties of orchids collected from different places of North-East.  IASST has grown about 555 nos. of orchid plants inside a greenhouse which is named as Orchid Avenue; and 45 nos. of orchid plants were grown on various big trees inside the campus. These orchid plants create a beautiful ambience in this green IASST campus, and also create awareness about its value and significance in the minds of visitors from all over the country

Botanical NameLocal Name
Acampe praemorsa-
Aerides odorata lourগনেশ কপৌ
Aerides roseaজেঠুৱা ফুল
Aerides multifloraলিহিৰি কপৌ
Cymbidium গেজেং কপৌ
Dendrobium sp-
Dendrobium aphyllumশালিকি ঠুটীয়া কপৌ
Dendrobium fimbriatum-
Dendrobium nobile lindl-
Oncidium altissimumDancing Lady
Rhynchostylis retusa কপৌ ফুল
Vanda coeruleaBlue vanda
Vanda coerulea pinkPink vanda