BioNest (Bioincubators Nurturing Enterpreneurship for scaling technologies)

IASST received a funding under BioNest program in order to provide financial support for establishment of BIRAC-BioNest Facility at Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology.  The project aims at creating a robust mechanism for translation of technology and encourage transformation in the culture of bio-entrepreneurship in North-East India.

  1. Proving an avenue for scaling up the various bio0sciences related technologies which are being developed at various organizations at NER.
  2. Providing a facility to establish businesses and aspirant entrepreneurs developing their ideas into commercial products.
  3. Nurturing handholding and mentoring of start –ups in technical, legal, commercial and financial matter.
  4. Translational support for entrepreneur and transformational intervention in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of NER.
  5. Economic development and equitable distribution of wealth in NER through bio-business.
  6. Gradually developing an institute for research and education of S&T based entrepreneurship at NER.