R&D Cell of IASST

R&D Cell of IASST was formed in March 2021 after the joining of the present Director Professor, Ashis K. Mukherjee in November 2020. Prof. Neelotpal Sen Sarma is the first Head of the cell joined in March 2021. R&D Cell of IASST is responsible for the smooth running of the projects, both Extramural and In-House including any consultancy project which may receive by the faculties or scientific members of IASST time to time. All applications/requisitions related to extramural/ institutional project, project proposal and project fellow/stuff shall be submitted to the Head R&D. Any matters related to research project shall be dealt by the office of the Head, R&D, IASST. Project related matter, query/ document may be sent to this email: headRnDcell[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in

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