Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar (with tentative date)

Ph.D program
April3rd WeekPreparation of Draft for Ph.D Programme and publication of advertisement
April3rd WeekExpert Selection and Confirmation for question paper preparation
June2nd WeekCorrespondence with experts for question paper preparation
July2nd WeekLast date of submission of application for Ph.D. Programme
July4th WeekScreening of filled-in Application form
August3rd WeekWritten test and interview
September1st WeekResult Declaration
4th WeekJoining of JRF.
4th WeekOrientation programme of JRF.
IASST colloquium
June2nd WeekCorrespondence with experts and sending invitation.
August2nd WeekInvitation to different institutions for participation
September15th &16th Sept. Colloquium
Evaluation of Ph.D Programmes
 January1st WeekFixation of date of presentation
January1st WeekCommunication to research scholars with prescribed format for submission of their reports.
February3rd WeekSubmission of Reports
March2nd WeekResearch scholars presentation (internal)
August1st WeekFixation of date of yearly presentation
August1st WeekCorrespondence with experts for evaluation of Presentation of Ph.D. Scholars
August2nd WeekCommunication to the research scholars with prescribed format for submission of their reports.
September1st WeekSubmission of Reports
3rd WeekYearly Progress Presentation of the Research Scholars.
Summer Training Program
January3rd WeekAdvertisement for summer training program of IASST
February4th WeekLast date of submission of the application
March2nd WeekSelection of the summer trainee
March4th WeekDeclaration of Results
April2nd WeekConfirmation of acceptance from trainee
May or JuneDate of Joining