COVID 19 testing and research laboratory of IASST

IASST in collaboration with Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and in co-ordination with National Health Mission, Assam has set up a COVID 19 testing facility at IASST.\ to facilitate fast testing and early treatment of the CVID patients. Most of the equipment (including RT-PCR, centrifuge, deep refrigerators, biosafety cabinets, autoclaves) and laboratory space of 200 sq. meters are provided by IASST. IIT, Guwahati and Gauhati University also have shared two RT-PCRs for the laboratory. Govt. of Assam provided manpower for the lab (Doctors, Microbiologist and lab technicians) and lab furniture along with the necessary consumables for the COVID testing. IASST faculty and research scholars are volunteering in all levels of the lab work to maximize the rate of sample testing.

COVID 19 testing and research laboratory

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