Employee welfare

Staff Welfare Measures

Medical Facility

The institute has its medical reimbursement system through which bills on expenses of both indoor and outdoor treatment in respect of all employees and their dependent family members are reimbursed as per CGHS rates. One allopathic doctor was appointed by the IASST who pays visit to the institute twice a week. He provides free consultation in the institute as well as in his consulting room. Facilities like rest bed and pressure machine are readily available in the doctor’s chamber. The institute has deal with few renowned hospitals of Guwahati to provide medical facilities to employees and their dependent family members as per central government/CGHS rates.

Canteen Facility

The institute is having a canteen run by a private party. In the canteen meals, snacks and beverages are prepared in hygienic condition and are served to employees, students and guests at subsidized rates.

Benevolent Fund

An IASST employees Benevolent Fund was established by equal contribution from employees and the IASST. All the regular staff members are member of the Fund. The fund envisages a benefit in the form of one-time payment to nominees of the members in case of death and permanent disability while in service.

Group Insurance

A Group Insurance Scheme for the employees of the institute is operating with the Life Insurance Corporation of India. All the regular employees of the institute are members of the scheme. Subscription for the scheme is made by the institute to get appropriate insurance cover for each group of employees.

Reservation Policy

The Institute is following post based rosters for affecting the prescribed percentage of reservations to SC/ST/OBC in all its new recruitments as per Government of India Rules in this regard.

Official Language Policy

The institute is paying emphasis on implementation of provisions of Official Language Act and the rules made and instructions issued thereunder. All the Letter heads of the Institute are in bilingual format. Annual Report of the Institute is published both in English and Hindi. The institute is also celebrating Hindi Divas in great zeal.