Following the footsteps of digital India and for smooth operation of the institute, IASST introduced several  facilities related to Information and Technology:–

  1. Implementation of eOffice:- To realise a transparent governance and speedy discharge of all official works the Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology (IASST) is implementing the eOffice(eFile module)  at IASST with the help of the eOffice Project Division, National Informatics Center (NIC), Government of India. IASST introduced full implementation of 100% e-governence and e-finance in April, 2017 and it
    has been running smoothly bringing ease and efficiency in every way in IASST administration.
  2. Implementation of E-finance package:-E-finance package is in operation at IASST since the year 2012 and during 2018-19, some extra features such as barcode label printing, SMS alert, automatic order generation etc have added in the stock module of the software.
  3. e-mail facility for research scholars:- A cloud based institutional email hosting service has been introduced to provide emails to all the research scholars and all the IASST literary members associated with research work by using a separate domain.
  4. Implementation of a online job portal:- IASST had started a separate online job portal for its major vacancies, Ph. D admission
    program etc. where an applicant has to complete entire application process on online only achieving much reduced level of the
    manual intervention and bringing transparency in the different steps in recruitment as well as admission process.
  5. Development of online requisition portal for CIF facility:- IASST had started an online portal for submission of online requisition for various instruments of CIF for externalas well as internal users. After successful registration, requisition can be submitted for the instrument. Report on the experiment can be downloaded through this online portal. A payment gateway is also being integrated with this portal, so that external users can process their payment online.
  6. Implementation of Smart Canteen Management System:- IASST successfully implemented web based smart canteen management system with  POS systems by replacing traditional paper coupons from February 2020.
  7. Uses of e-Procurement process using CPPP and GeM :- From the year 2017-18, IASST started using e-tendering process with the help of module called eProcurement and ePublishing developed by Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) of Government of India, a yet another level of achieving decimal transparency in tendering process.

The IASST started purchase of goods through Govt. e-market place (GeM) from Nov 2017. During the year 2018-19, items of value more than ₹59 Lakhs have been purchased via Government e-marketplace (GeM).