Initial phase of network implementation provided connection to all divisions of IASST with  1G single mode fiber in redundant manner to give best performance in accessing internal applications as well as internet  across the campus.

A local ring topology connecting Institute’s  Data Centre with different building has been established for redundancy purposes.

New generation L3 core switches in stacking mode along with 1gbps manageable access switches are installed entire campus  to give best performance.In campus fiber connectivity of around 3KM has been established around the campus.

IASST has upgraded its campus Wi-fi network infrastructure from stand-alone Access Point (AP) infrastructure to a centralized controller based infrastructure by covering most of common areas of entire campus . These newly installed APs supported technology like 802.11ac (Wave 2) capable of providing better internet connectivity/speed to the users along with facilities for differentiating the guest and normal users’traffic and giving individual password to users.