Dorothy Hodgkin Student and Scientists Home


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Students and Scientist Home (SSH), dedicated to the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (1964) Prof. Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin, is a hostel cum guest house located within the IASST campus. SSH was inaugurated by Dr. T. Ramasami, former Secretary, DST, Govt. of India in September 19, 2013. The surrounding scenic beauty and the pollution free environment provides a peaceful atmosphere for the dwellers. Each boarder is facilitated with a well-furnished spacious room with attached bathroom and balcony. Washing machine and cloth dryer are provisioned in the utility rooms of SSH. The common room includes TV and facilities for indoor games. The dining room can accommodate nearly 30 students in one sitting. The cleanliness of the Hostel is well maintained and is provided with 24 hrs electricity and running water.

Superintendent:   Dr. Subir Biswas (Email: )

Assistant Superintendent: Dr. Munima B. Sahariah (Email: )

Guest House In-charge: Dr. Munima B. Sahariah (Email: )

 Students’ Home Management Committee:

  1. Dr. A.R. Pal (Chairman)
  2. Assistant Superintendent (Member)
  3. Dr. D. Goswami (Member)
  4. Mr. Suresh Sarma (Member)
  5. Superintendent (Member Secretary)

Students’ Home Mess Committee:

  1. Dr. D. Thakur (Chairman)
  2. Assistant Superintendent (Member)
  3. Mr. Suresh Sarma (Member)
  4. Mr. Rabin Kalita (Member)
  5. Two student representatives
  6. Superintendent (Member Secretary)


Students’Home Rules and Regulations