Post Doctoral Programme

IASST encourages talented persons with Ph.D. degree to apply for INSPIRE Faculty/Ramalingaswami Fellow and other National Fellowships such as Woman Scientist Scheme, DBT-PDF and Ramanujan Fellowship programme to the respective funding agencies. However, such applications will be subject to a rigorous screening process in the Institute prior to recommendation to DST, GOI. The pre screening process will take into consideration on the followings for implementation of the programme:

a) The line of research of the aspiring candidate should be in the existing research domains pursued at IASST.
b) It will be ensured that the existing laboratory setup and space in specific division intending to accept such Faculty/Fellow are adequate. There will not be any provision for creation of additional lab space to the aspiring candidate.
c) Accepted Faculty/Fellow will be allowed to avail foreign visit/training excluding conferences for research exposure and training after completion of one year, as per the provision of the Faculty/Fellowship programme.
e) The accepted Faculty/Fellowship must strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations of IASST and the guidelines of Scheme/Fellowship.

These programs do not lead to a continuing appointment and have a fixed maximum term