GLP Compliant Animal House

Animal house DSC_0434

The state of art translational animal research center of IASST is located inside the premises of IASST. This center is registered with CPCSEA (Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals), Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (Animal Welfare Division), Government of India. At present this facility houses four types of laboratory small animals, like Albino rats (Wistar), Albino mice (Swiss), Guinea pigs (Duncan Hartley) and Rabbits (New Zealand white) for different pre-clinical studies to examine the effect of various herbal formulation, medicinal herbs, and also in-silico designed synthetic drugs on metabolic syndrome associated health disorders and other diseases. An Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) constituted as per the guidelines of CPCSEA oversees the clinical issues in animal experiment. Moreover, this center also is assisting different bona fide governmental and public/private academic institutions, industries, and funding agencies for conducting translational medical research within the acts and provisions of the CPCSEA. This center is also involved in the development of skilled manpower through conducting periodical lectures and training in the area of laboratory animal care, breeding, management, and experimental techniques. Recently, this center has been upgraded in compliance with the principles of good laboratory practices (GLP) and CPCSEA guidelines. One of the major objectives of this extended facility is to supply healthy and defined strains of laboratory animals like mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits for IAEC approved biomedical research programs of the scientific community of IASST and other institutes of the North Eastern part of India. The researchers of NE and other parts of the country also outsource this facility on charge basis for pre-clinical experiments.

Funded by DBT, Govt. of India