Bioinformatics Infrastructure facility (BIF)

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, funded the establishment of the Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility at Institute of Advanced study in science and Technology in the year of 2011-2012. The functions of the centre include acquisition, creation and developemnt of programmes and biological data management. The basic and advanced level workshop organized by the centre helped the researchers to analyze their biological data equipping various bioinformatics tools and applications and encouraging college students to pursue bioinformatics as a career. The collaborative research works of the centre has succeeded in publishing 10 research articles from ongoing projects in peer reviewed journals and continuously assisting scholars across in the field of computational biology. BIF Centre, IASST secured 4th position and received the award for “Incentive Awards for publication -2017” by DBT. 

The centre developed a pipeline to simplify the NGS data analysis workflow and developed high throughput computing infrastructure facilities along with various proprietary bioinformatics applications, making it available for the region. The centre has achieved promising outcomes in the field of microbial bioinformatics such as characterization of antimicrobial metabolite/s producing Actinobacteria and detection of antimicrobial biosynthetic genes.

Presently, the centre is maintaining a Non-Mulberry Silkworm database (NMSDB) which contains all kind of Genotypic & Phenotypic informations of silkworm species of northeastern region of India; another databased named Antimicrobial Metabolites Producing Actinobacterial Database (AMPAD) is on the early stage of completion. BIF Centre, IASST has succeeded in securing 4th position and received the award for “Incentive Awards for publication -2017” by DBT, Govt of India.

Basic Infrastructure available including space and other facilities at BIF, IASST:

Centre has HP Proliant Server for analysis of large sequencing data. Server has 32 GB RAM, Processors with 32 cores, 500GB HDD, Ubuntu OS.

HP Desktop PCs : 15; HP High End Workstation: 1; HP Laser Jet CM1415fn color MFP: 1; Windows 7 Home Basic: 15; Quick Heal Antivirus: 15; UPS 5 kva: 1; Projector: 1; MS Office 2010: 15; FlexX, LeadIT: 1 (docking software); BLAST2GO PRO: 1 (functional annotation software); ORIGIN PRO: 1 (Graphical software); Gromacs Software (molecular dynamics simulation)

Coordinator Details:

Dr Debajit Thakur

Associate Professor, and Coordinator, BIF, Life science Division

Institute of Advanced study in Science and technology(IASST),

Paschim Boragaon, Garchuk, Guwahati, Assam-781035

Phone: +91-7002295340; Email: debajitthakur[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk