Vision, Mission and Key Objectives

To emerge as a center of excellence in frontier research areas of Physical and Life Sciences with international visibility and building human resources towards advanced scientific knowledge for societal development.

a. Building state-of-the-art infrastructure for basic and applied research in the area of Physical & Life Sciences.
b. Generation of technology from natural resources of NE region and their application for socio-economic upliftment.
c. Generation of quality scientific manpower from among human resources of NE region.

1. To create a center of excellence for basic applied scientific research in Physical and Life Sciences
2. To strengthen scientific research in core areas by generating funds through extramural projects.
3. To attract and motivate the young talents towards scientific research
4. To spread awareness for the growth of science and technology in the region through societal interventions.

Scope of Works:
1. Basic and Applied Plasma Physics
2. Advanced material sciences
3. Mathematical and Computational Sciences
4. Biodiversity and ecosystems research
5. Traditional Knowledge-based drug development and delivery