Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Sl NoFaculty nameInterdisciplinary research area
1Prof. A. K. MukharjeeA. Nanobiotechnology
B. Image Processing
2Prof. H. BailungCold Plasma for Biomedical application
3Prof. Neelotpal Sen SarmaPlasmonic Materials with Dr. A.R.Pal and
remediation of industrial effluent with Dr Arundhuti Devi.
4Dr. Devasish ChowdhuryNanobiotechnology / Biotechnology
5Dr. Mojibur R. KhanSmart device for microbial detection
6Dr. R. DeviA. Nanotechnology / Biotechnology
B. Phytochemistry
C. Medicinal aspect of Musa balbisiana
7Dr. Sarathi KunduSoft matters and nanomaterials in biological sciences
8Dr. Jagat C BorahA. Therapeutic potential and chemical profiling of edible mushroom (Dr. Ashis K Mukherjee),
B. Nutraceutical potential and chemical profiling of vegetables/medicinal plants used by ST/SC community of NE India (Dr. Mojibur R Khan, ST-SC project)
C. Exploration of Musa balbisiana for economic benefits of ST/SC community of Assam, (Dr. Rajlakshmi Devi, SEED-DST project),
D. QAQC of herbal products (Dr. Ashis K Mukherjee and Dr. Rajlakshmi Devi).
9Dr.Arundhuti DeviA. Remediation Techniques for Contaminated Sites
B. Modelling for Air Quality Research using AI
C. Chemical Biology
D.Mathematical modeling and climate-change effect.
10Dr. Santu DasBiodiversity
11Dr. Kamatchi SankaranarayananBiophysics, Plasma applications in biology, Biomaterials
12Dr. L. B. MahantaA. Modelling for Air Quality Research using AI
B. Application of AI in the analysis of Venomous Snake Bite
and study of FITC fluorescence conjugated synthetic peptides as binders to breast cancer tissues
13Dr. Subir BiswasPlasma Physics and Biological/Medical Science