Photo Name Research Program Contact details Profile
 Dr.Joyanti Chutia

Emeritus Scinetist
Basic and Applied Plasma Physics joyanti_c[at]yahoo[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Subrata K. Pore

Ramalingaswami Fellow
Chemical Biology; Cancer Biology Tradional Knowledge Based Drug Development & Delivery subratapb[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Prasenjit Manna

Assistant Professor - II
Natural product based therapeutics against metabol Basic and Applied Plasma Physics pmanna2012[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. Wahengbam Romi

Molecular Microbial Ecology, Microbiome, Omics Basic and Applied Plasma Physics romiwahengbam[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Suresh Deka

Hon. Professor
Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research sureshdeka[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Soumyadeep Nandi

Ramalingaswami Fellow
Basic and Applied Plasma Physics snandi[at]iasst[dot]gov[dot]in View Profile
 Dr. Dipali Devi

Associate Professor II
Insect Biochemistry and Silk fiber Chemistry Basic and Applied Plasma Physics dipali[dot]devi[at]gmail[dot]com View Profile
 Prof. S.C Bordoloi

Basic and Applied Plasma Physics sabitrybordoloi[at]rediffmail[dot]com View Profile
 Prof. B.C Tripathy

Professor & Head, CCNS
Functional Analysis,Summability Theory,TopologyFuz Basic and Applied Plasma Physics tripathybc[at]yahoo[dot]com View Profile
 Dr. N. C. Talukdar

Former Director, IASST
Life Science Division Bio-Diversity & Eco-System Research nctalukdar[at]yahoo[dot]com View Profile