Rules & Regulation

The KRC is primarily meant for the faculty, research scholars, students, technical and administrative staff of the Institute. The rules & regulations of KRC are framed to help and promote, rather than to constrain the use of library materials and services.

Conditions for Document Issue

  • No part or whole of the Rare Book Collection, Reference Collection, Back Volume Collection, Periodical Collection, nor any book valuable for its illustrations or any manuscript or thesis, will be lent out from KRC to any reader.
  • Books which are selected by the Librarian as valuable on account of their rarity or as belonging to a series or being out of print, as difficult or impossible to be replaced if lost or as books required for constant reference, shall not be issued.
  • The Scientific staff shall be entitled to borrow 10 (ten) books and two bound journals at a time and students shall be entitled to borrow 06 (six) books and two bound journals at a time. Books are issued for the period of 30 (thirty) days and bound journals for 10 (ten) days.
  • The Technical Officer and Officer shall be entitled 05 (five) books at a time and books will be issued for the period of 30 days.
  • The Technical Staffs and Assistant shall be entitled 03 (three) books at a time and books issued for the period of 30 days.
  • The Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) shall be entitled 02 (two) books at a time and books issued for the period of 30 days
  • The books required by the Director, Registrar, F.A.O for administrative purpose will be issued to the concerned persons for a long period of time.
  • The journals will not be issued to the members of the KRC.

Return period of document exceed

  • Once the due date exceeds by 4 months and the document is not returned, it shall be treated as lost and action shall be initiated to recover the cost of the document as per the rules of Loss or mutilation of documents by members.
  • If the document is retraced after the recovery then the document will be accepted by the KRC with usual fine.

Conditions for issue journal

  • Journals will not be issued.

Renewal of Loan

  • Renewal of loan is possible for more than two times, if there is no reservation for the document by other members
  • Documents should be physically presented for the renewal. Bound journals, however, will not be issued
  • Recall of Document

  • A document may be recalled before the due date if urgently required assigning any reason. On such recall, borrowers should be able to return such documents to the KRC within three days.
  • Loss or Mutilation of Documents by Members

  • Lost documents will have to be replaced by the borrowers.
  • KRC may help users in procuring the document.
  • On replacement, the same accession number will be given to the copy after ensuring that the document is not of an earlier edition than the one that is lost.
  • Write on the document and accession register that This is a replaced copy since the original copy is lost document. Update catalogue record.
  • Photocopy of the lost document will not be accepted.
  • If the lost document is not available in the market, the user has to pay the cost of the lost document. Opinion of the Librarian is essential in this regard. If it is a deliberate act, the user may be charged with double the cost at current exchange rate plus 10% processing cost.
  • If the lost document is expensive (more than Rs. 10,000.00) or rare and very valuable one, the amount to be recovered should be decided by the KRC Committee on case to case basis.
  • The lost document which is part of a serial/multi-volume set, cost of complete volume/set is required to be recovered.
  • Individually priced book/volume in a series, the cost of the lost book in series is to be recovered.
  • A number of books acquired by the KRC contain CDs etc. along with it. In case of any loss/damage, the whole document will be treated as lost/damaged therefore the user has to replace the book with a fresh one or pay for the cost of complete document.
  • Overdue Charges

  • Overdue charges will be calculated till the date of return of the book.
  • Books not returned by due date will be charged fine at the rate of Rs. 1.00 per day.
  • If the document is not returned after the expiry of two weeks, the matter will be reported to the concerned Head of the Division.
  • Members availing long leave

  • Members proceeding on long leave or deputation etc exceeding three months should return the documents that are borrowed, before leaving.
  • Reservation of Document

  • Member can reserve two books for loan and it will be issued on priority basis for one week, in case more than one reservation exists. If a person who has reserved the book fails to collect it within three days, he/she will forfeit his/her claim on the book, but he/she may make a reservation for the book fresh reservation.
  • Procedure for suggestion and order of books & journals (print & online) etc.

    The member of the KRC except reference member may send suggestions for purchase of books or journals (print& online) in the manner prescribed below-

    • The members may forward their suggestions on an application addressed to I/C KRC, along with list of books/journals, folders, reviews etc through the Head of the Division/ Sections.
    • Proposal can also be made for the purchase of duplicate copies of books, if required by any division/section for the reference section.
    • The KRC will ascertain whether the item is in stock or on order before sending the suggestion to the KRC Committee and thereafter to the approval of Purchase Committee for placing purchase orders. If necessary, the Librarian may consult some colleagues and seek their advice to the desirability of ordering the book or journal.
    • The members will be informed, if the suggested/ required items are in the KRC, or on order. They will also be informed of the receipt of the book or journal.

    Termination of membership

  • KRC membership will be terminated on completion of project/course/fellowship of temporary members and due to superannuation / death, leave the job of permanent members of the institute. KRC clearance will be required for termination of membership.
  • General Rules

  • Readers and visitors shall leave all their belongings at the property counter before entering the KRC. It shall include personal books and other KRC documents. However, writing materials like note books & loose papers are exempted. No valuable including cash should be left in the property counter.
  • The users may remove any document from the stack but such documents should be left on the reading table and not to be replaced after consultation. A book misplaced is a BOOK LOST.
  • Utmost care shall be taken by all to keep the KRC clean always.
  • The users should carefully examine the documents. For any missing pages, disfiguration, etc, before borrowing it and bring the same to the notice of the KRC staff immediately; otherwise he/she will be held responsible for such damages and the necessary cost will be recovered from him/her.
  • The KRC reserves the right to ask any user to leave the premises for reasons of break of conduct or discipline.
  • The KRC staff may check the user for verification of documents being taken out of the KRC premises, if necessary
  • Users are not allowed to take out any reading materials whatsoever from the KRC without recording in the circulation counter. Such an action would be considered illegal and will be brought to the notice of the authority.