New arrival books

The “Newly Arrived Books” are kept on display for reference and consultation for a week. The book can be reserved when on display and will be issued. The lists below provide the information on the latest additions to our collection.

Received during the period from ………… …………….

Sl NoTitleAuthor/ EditorClass No.Acc No.
1Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications Chicone, Carmen 515
2Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, 3rd ed.Semmlow, John L.616.075410170
3Stochastic calculus for finance I: The binomial asset pricing modelShreve, Steven E.332.015192210171
4Practical MATLAB basics for engineersKalechman, Misza620.0015110172
5Multiple time scale dynamicsKuehn, Christian515.3910173
6Stochastic calculus: An introduction through theory and exercisesBaldi, Paolo519.2210174
7Stochastic calculus for finance II: Continuous-time modelsShreve, Steven E.332.015192210175
8Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, 3rd ed.Perko, Lawrence515.35310176
9Fluid-structure interactions models, analysis and finite elementsRichter, Thomas620.10610177
10Fourier series, fourier transform and their applications to mathematical physicsSerov, Valery515.243310178
11Introduction to partial differential equations: A computational approachTveito, Aslak51510179
12More calculus of a single variableMercer, Peter R.51510180
13Nonlinear ordinary differential equations analytical approximation and numerical methodsHermann, Martin515.35510181
14Nonlinear wave equationsLi, Tatsien515.35310182
15Numerical analysisGautschi, Walter51810183
16Ordinary differential equations with applicationsMarsden, J.E.51510184
17Partial differential equations I: Basic theoryTaylor, Michael E.515.35310185