Biological & Chemical Sciences Section (BCSS)

Sl NoTitleAuthor/ EditorClass No.Acc No.
1Illustrated Handbook of Chromatography Techniques3G E-Learning543.810233
2 Medical and Veterinary Entomology El-Mallakh, Rif S. 616.96810234
3Encyclopedia of insect molecular biology and biotechnologyOz, Lourdes Mun595.71023510235
4 An introduction to genetic engineeringIrvine, David660.6510236
5 Microbial plant pathogens detection and disease diagnosisNarayanasamy, P.632.3 10237
6Nanoparticles: biological activities and nano-technologyAdams, Mindy620.510238
7New frontiers in virologyO'Brien, Harvey 579.210240
8Bioactive medicinal plantsKutch, Maxine581.63410293
9 Antimicrobial resistance and food safety methods and techniquesChen, Chin-Yi616.904110294
10Exploring bioinformaticsMercado, Lee572.8028510295
11Principles of virologyFlint, Jane 579.210338
12Molecular cloningSambrook, Joseph572.810340
13Insect physiologyBear, Ashley595.70110343
14Insect science: evolution, behavior and management of insectsFleming, Christopher 595.710344
15Organic farming Stallone, Donnie631.58410332
16Tools and techniques of microbiologyRenner, Casimir57910333
17Campbell essential biologySimon, Eric J57010334
18Science of research methodologyTaylor, Jesse 001.42 10239
19Mycology and plant pathology reportSwaniawski, Vicente571.9210336
20Fundamentals of plant pathologyBennet, Catlyn

632.3 10337
21Bio signal and medical image processingSemmlow, John L616.075410170
22Stochastic calculus for finance I: the binomial asset pricing modelShreve, Steven E

23Practical MATLAB basics for engineersKalechman, Misza620.0015110172
24Multiple time scale dynamicsKuehn, Christian515.3910173
25Stochastic calculus for finance II continuous-time modelsShreve, Steven E332.015192210175
26Differential equations and dynamical systemsPerko, Lawrence 515.35310176
27Fluid-structure interactions models, analysis and finite elementsRichter, Thomas620.10610177
28Fourier series, fourier transform and their applications to mathematical physicsSerov, Valery515.243310178
29Introduction to partial differential equations a computational approachTveito, Aslak51510179
30More calculus of a single variableMercer, Peter R51510180
31Nonlinear ordinary differential equations analytical approximation and numerical methodsHermann, Martin515.35510181
32Nonlinear wave equations Li, TatsienLi, Tatsien 515.35310182
33 Numerical analysisGautschi, Walter51810183
34Partial differential equations I: basic theoryTaylor, Michael E515.35310185
35 Probability and stochasticsCinlar, Erhan519.210186
36Real analysis series, functions of several variables and applicationsLaczkovich, Miklos 515.810187
37Stochastic Integration and Differential EquationsProtter, Philip E 519.210188
38Introduction to scientific computing and data analysisHolmes, Mark H502.8510345
39Multivariable calculus with applicationsLax, Peter D519.53510346
40Ordinary differential equations basics and beyondSchaeffer, David G515.35210347
41Magnetic resonance in food science: from molecules to manFrahat, I.A664.020153836 10164
42Magnetic resonance in food science: challenges in a changing worldGuđjónsdóttir, María664.02015383610165
43Total food: sustainability of the Agri-food chainWaldron, K. W.63010166
44Essentials of geneticsKlug, William S.576.510167
45Bioorganic chemistry carbohydratesHecht, Sidney M572.5610168
46Food materials science and engineeringBhandari, Bhesh636.0810169
47Nano microbiology physiological and environmental characteristicsBarton, Larry57910162
48Basic transport phenomena in biomedical engineeringFournier, Ronald L.571.6410163