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Sl. No. Journal Titles

Sl.No.Journal Titles
1Journal of Polymer Materials.
2Pramana: Journal of Physics.
3Bullet in of Material Sciences.
4Resonance: Journal of Science Education.
5Current Science
6Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics.
7Physics Education
8Nano Digest
9Indian Journal of Pharmacology
10Indian Silk
11Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section-A
12Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section-B
13Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstract
14Natural Product Radiance
15Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
16Indian Journal of Microbiology
17Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology
18Indian Journal of Animal Research
19Legume Research
20Agricultural Science Digest
21Indian Journal of Agricultural Research
22Indian Phytopathology
23Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics.
24Journal of Chemical Sciences
25Journal of Biosciences
26Journal of Indian Chemical Society
28NEDFi Databank(Quarterly Journal)
29Silk Mark Vogue(SMOI)
30Down To Earth.
31Indian Journal of Environmental Protection
32Journal of Environmental Biology
34Journal of the Indian Fisheries Society of India.
35Environment &Ecology
36Journal of Aquaculture in the Tropics
37Journal of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
39Russian Journal of Herpetology
40Indian Journal of Environment and Eco-Planning.
41Journal of Current Science
42Journal of Bombay Natural History Society(2009-11)
43Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences.
44Far East Journal of The oretical Statistics
45International Journal of Mathematical Sciences.
46Bullet in of the Calcutta Mathematical Society.
47Journal of the Indian Academy of Mathematics
48Journal of Statistics and application
49Journal of Combinatorics, Information and System Sciences
50Mathematical Review
51Bullet in of Allahabad Mathematical Society
52Indian Journal of Mathematics
53IAPQR Transaction
54Annals of Library and Information Studies
55DESIDOC Bullet in of Information Technology
56University News
57Library Herald
58Library Progress
60World Digital Libraries
61CLIPSET Magazine
62IASLIC Bulletin
63Swamy's News
64Science Reporter
65Electronics For You