PhD. Produced

Sl. No.YearName of ScholarName of Guide/ Co-GuideTitle of Thesis
12015Ms. Juri DeviProf. Jibon KotokyStudies on fungi causing post-harvest decay of onion (Allium cepa L.) in different markets and store houses of Greater Guwahati and their management
22015Mr. Diganta Jyoti SarmaProf.B.C. TripathyStudies on b-open Sets and Bitopological Spaces
32015Mrs. Rupanjali GoswamiProf.B.C. TripathyStudies on some Classes of Multiple Sequences in Probabilistic Normed Spaces
42015Mr. Mrinal Kumar DasProf. Sabitry Choudhury BordoloiIchthyofaunal diversity of Majuli island and biology of two Cobitid species
52015Ms. Mamata B. SarmaDr. Dipali DeviEffect of enzymes and some natural degumming agents on muga silk fabrics produced by  Antheraea assamensis  Helfer
62015Mrs. Plabita BaruahProf. Suresh DekaPhytoremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil with some efficient plant species
72014Mr. Soumitra NathProf. B C TripathyA study on probabilistic normal spaces
82014Mr. Gautam Ch. RayProf. B C TripathyStudies on different types of 8-continuty and mixed fuzzy topological spaces
92014Mr. Avinoy PaulProf. B C TripathySpectra of B(r,s,t) type operator on some sequence spaces
102014Mr. Ujjyanta DasProf. S C BordoloiA study on the effect of paper mill effluent on fish and earthworm
112014Mr. Samiul HoqueDr. N Sen SharmaDevelopment of liquid crystalline polymer: cholesteryl esters and their characterization
122013Mr. Dulal Ch BaruahDr (Mrs.) Rajlakshmi DeviThe effects of leaf extract clerodendron colebrookianum walp on lipid peroxidadtion, lipid profile and antioxidant status in oxidadtive stress induced rats
132013Mr. Koustav Kalyan SarmaDr. Jibon KotokyAntidermatophytic properties of certain medicinal plants of Assam
142013Mr Mukul DekaDr. DipaliDeviSeason specific varieties of Philosamia ricini and nutritional impact on the growth and silk production
152013Mr. BudhadevProf. SabitryA study on Phytoremediation of
BasumataryBordoloihydrocarbon and heavy metals contaminated soil with selected plant species
162013Ms. Jwngma NarzaryProf. Sabitry BordoloiA study on Diversity and Ecology of Amphibian fauna of Kokrajhar district, Assam with special reference to family Microhylidae
172013Mrs. Rashmi Rekha SaikiaProf. Suresh DekaProduction of biosurfactant by pseudomonas aeruginosa RS29 isolated from cruide oil contaminated soil of upper Assam and its allocation in recovery of hydrocarbon from refinery sludge
182013Mr. Manoranjan MishraProf. B.C. TripathyStudies on some Fuzzy Real Valuede Sequence Spaces
192013Mr. Hemen DuttaProf. B.C. TripathyStudies on Some Sequence Spaces Defined by Orlicz Functions
202013Ms. Dolly GogoiProf. Joyanti Chutia
Dr. A. R. Pal
Surface modification of muga silk (antheraea assama) by plasma
polymerization process
212012Mr. Abul HussainProf. Suresh Deka and Prof. Anup TalukdarA Study on drinking Water quality of the South Bank of the extreme lower parts of Assam
222012Ms. Nzano HumtsoeProf. Sabitry Chaodhury BordoloiFish and Amphibian diversity of the torrential streams of Wokha District, Nagaland and their adaptive modifications
232012Ms. Susmita SahaProf. Sabitry Chaodhury BordoloiIchthyofaunal diversity in two wetlands of Goalpara district, Assam with special reference to ecobiology of certain fish species
242012Miss Geetima DekaDr. (Mrs.) Arundhuti DeviImpact of Oil Refinery Operations on Soil Quality with particular reference to impact of Soil Enzymatic Activities
252012Mr. Mukut KalitaDr. (Mrs.) Arundhuti DeviImpact of Oil Exploration and Drilling on Soil Quality: An Assessment with respect to Lakowa and Rudrasagar Oil 6Fields of Assam
262012Mr. Dulal Ch. BaruahDr. (Mrs.)Rajlakshmi DeviThe Effects of the Leaf Extract of Clerodentron Colebrookianum Walp on Lipid Peroxidation, Lipid Profile and Antioxidant Stutus in Oxidative Stress Induced Rate
272012Miss Tiluttama MudoiDr. (Mrs.)Rajlakshmi DeviEvaluation of Antioxidant activity of some selected Fruits of North East India-A Biochemical approach
282012Mr. Bijit TalukdarDr. Dipali Devi and Prof. P J HandiqueStudies on Structural Variants of Non-mulberry Silks Produced in North East India with Physical and Biochemical Approach
292012Mr. Bimal Kr. SarmaProf. Joyanti Chutia
and Prof. H. Bailung
Studies on Titanium Dioxide/Polymer-like Depositions by Magnetron Sputtering and Plasma Polymerization Processes
302012Mr. Arupjyoti ChoudhuryProf. Joyanti ChutiaDevelopment of Capacitively Coupled RF Plasma Process for Surface Modification of Bell Metal.
312012Ms. Stuti BorgohainProf. Binod Ch. TripathyConvergent and Statistically Convergent Sequences Spaces of Fuzzy Real Numbers Defined by Orlicz Functions.
322011Ms. Madhuchanda RakshitDr. Gautam ChoudhuryStudies on Some Queuing Models with Heterogeneous Service and Vacations.
332011Ms. Bedabati Das GuptaDr. Jibon KotokyEvaluation of Hepatoprotective Properties of Some Medicinal Plants of Assam
342011Mr. Sankar Moni BoraProf. Heramba Bailung and Prof. Joyanti ChutiaCharacteristics of Reactive Discharge in DC Magnetron Plasma.
352011Ms. Sumita Kumari SharmaProf. Heramba BailungStudies on Ion –Acoustic Waves in Multicomponent Plasma WITH Negative Ions.
362011Ms. Anjali BaishyaProf. S. C.  BordoloiDiversity and Ecobiology of Certain Species of Amphibia of Sivsagar District, Assam
372011Ms. Tultul BortamuliProf. S. C.  BordoloiIchthyofaunal Diversity and Ecobiology of Certain Species in the Beels of Hajo, Kamrup District of Assam.
382010Mr. Achyutananda BaruahProf.  Binod Ch. TripathySome Difference Sequence of Fuzzy Real Numbers and Norlund and Riesz  Mean
392010Mr. Hemen DekaDr. Suresh Deka and Prof. C.K. BaruahA Study on Utilization of Bio-Wastes for Production of Vermicompost.
402010Ms Banita NigobmProf. S. C.  BordoloiAmphibian Fauna in and Around Loktak lake,Manipur,India with Special Reference to the Genus Amolops (Gunther)
412010Ms Paramita ChakravartyProf.  S. C. BordoloiTaxonomic Study of Some Anuran Tadpoles of Assam with Special Reference to the Development of Polypedates Leucomystax (Gravenhorst,1829)
422010Mr. Ramesh NathDr. Dipali DeviTaxonomical Traits of Semi Domesticated Stock and Wild Counterpart of Antheraea Assamensis Helfer in North East India
432010Mr. Nirab Chandra AdhikaryProf. H. Bailung and Prof. Joyanti ChutiaStudies on Ion Acoustic Wave Interaction in Laboratory Dusty Plasma System
442010Ms Karabi DeviProf. G. C. DasCoherent Structures of Nonlinear Waves in Plasmas
452009Ms Shabeena YasminDr. Suresh Deka and Prof. Amalesh DuttaLime sludge Waste of Paper Mill as an Alternative Source of Liming in Fish Farming
462009Mr. Hemen KakatiProf. Joyanti Chutia and Dr. H. BailungDischarge and Deposition Characteristics of Radio Frequency Magnetron Plasma
472008Ms. Bula ChoudhuryDr. Padum AzadBiofertilizer Potential Of A M Fungi ad its Dual Interaction with Rhizobia for Enhancement of Pulse Production in Assam
482008Mr. Utpaljyoti MedhiDr. Suresh Deka and Prof. A. K. Talukder(GU)Agro Potentialities of Paper Mill Wastes of Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited, Nagaon (Assam) – A Feasibility Study.
492008Mr. Paritosh Chandra DasProf. Binod Ch. TripathyStudies on  Some Fuzzy Real-Valued Sequence Spaces and Density of Subsets of Natural   Numbers
502008Mr. Bipan HazarikaProf. Binod Ch. TripathyStudies on   I-Convergent Sequence Spaces
512008Mr. Amar Jyoti DuttaProf.  Binod Ch. TripathyStudies on Fuzzy Real-Valued Double Sequence Spaces
522008Mr. Paritosh Chandra DasProf. Binod Chandra TripathyStudies on Some Real-Valued Sequence Spaces and Density of Subsets of Natural Numbers
532008Mr. Bipan HazarikaProf. Binod Chandra TripathyStudies on I-convergent Sequence Spaces
542008Mr. Amar Jyoti DuttaProf. Binod Chandra TripathyStudies on Fuzzy Real-Valued Double Sequence Spaces
552007Ms. Sabita MahantaProf. Binod Ch. TripathyStudies on Some Sequence Space and Characterizations of Some Matrix Classes
562007Mr. Jitu Ranjan ChetiaProf. N. N. DassA Study on Poly (vinyl acetyl) s, Poly (vinyl ester) s and Polyelectrolyte.
572007Mr. Santanu BaishyaProf. Joyanti ChutiaSome Aspects of Non-Linear Phenomena in Dusty Plasmas
582007Mr. Dibyajyoti BaruahProf. Joyanti ChutiaStudies on Some Aspects of Plasma Surface Interaction in DC and RF Discharge
592007Ms. Sabita MahantaProf. Binod Ch. TripathyStudies on Some Sequence Spaces and Characterization of Some Matrix Classes
602006Mr. Bipul SarmaProf.  Binod Ch. TripathyStudies on Some Vector Valued Sequence Spaces and Kothe Toeplitz Duals
612006Ms. Putul KalitaProf. G. C. DasSome Features of Sheath Formation in Multicompound Plasmas
622006Mr. Arup Ratan PalProf. Joyanti ChutiaStudy of Sheath and Related Phenomena in Post Magnetron and Double Plasma Device
632005Mr. M. M. BorahProf. S. C. BordoloiA Study on Distribution Amphibian Fauna of Arunachal Pradesh
642005Mr. B. B. BhattProf. S. C. BordoloiPresent Status of Ophidian Fauna of Arunachal Pradesh
652005Mr. Pradeep Kr. DasProf. N. N. DasStudies on Homogeneous Graft Co-Polymerization on Vinyl Monomers on to High a Cellulose in a Lithium Chloride/N N-Dimethyl Acetamide (LiCI/DMAC) Solvent System
662005Ms. Bornali SaikiaProf. N. N. DasStudies on Enantioselective Members for Resolution of Amino Acids and Certain Therapeutically Important Racemic Compounds.
672005Mr. Pranab Kumar SarmaDr. Suresh Deka
and Prof. K. G. Bhattacharyy
Physico-Chemical Characterization of Refinery Sludge and Biodegradability Study
682004Ms. Mausumi SenProf. Binod Ch. TripathyGeneralized Sequence Spaces and Matrix Operators
692004Ms. Lipi B. MahantaDr. Dilip Ch. NathOn the Study of Peersonian System of Curves and Development of Computer Algorithms
702004Mr. Arup Kr. DekaDr. P. AzadStudies on Effectiveness of Native Rhizobial Strains and their Impact on Pulse Production in Assam
712004Ms. Mereo AoProf. S. C. Bordoloi and Prof.  Amalesh DuttaEcobiology of Hyla Annectans (Jerdon), 1870 and Distribution of Amphibian Fauna in Relation to Water Quality of Nagaland, India
722004Mr. R. N.  BhuyanProf. S. C. Bordoloi and Prof.  Amalesh DuttaEcology of Labeo gonius (Hamilton-Buchanan) and Effect of Low Temperature on Breeding Behaviour at Mid Altitude Region,Shillong,Meghalaya,India
732004Ms. Barnali SinhaProf. Joyanti Chutia and Prof. G. C. Das————————
742004Mr. Pranab SarmaProf. K. G. Bhattacharyya and Dr. Suresh DekaPhysicochemical characterization of Refinery sludge and Biodegradability study
752003Ms Purnima Das BoraProf. S. C. BordoloiA Study on Diversity of Ichthyofauna, assessment of Ecological impact on the Reproduction Behaviour  of the Genus Garra (Hamilton-Buuchanan) in the Basistha River of Assam,India
762003Mr. Meren AoProf. S. C. BordoloiEcobiology of Hyla Annectans (jerdon), 1870 and distrution of Amphibian Fauna in Relation to  Water Quality of Nagaland, India
772003Mr.Prakash Jyoti SaikiaProf. S. C. BordoloiAtom transfer Radical Polymerization of Alkyl (metha) Acrylates having Pendent Alkyl side Chains.
782001Mr. Ratul SaikiaDr. P. AzadStudies of Colletotrchum Falcatum,Went the Incident of Red Rot
792001Mr. Jnanjyoti  SarmahProf. G. C. DasSome studies on Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Plasma
802001Mr. Basanta Kumar SarmaProf. Joyanti ChutiaStudy of Chaotic Phenomena in Ion Beam PlasmaSystem
811999Ms. Rajlakshmi DeviDr. P. Goswami and Prof. Dhinrendra Nath SarmaStudy of the Hypolipididaemic effect of Clerdendron Effect of Clerdendron Colebroonianum,Walp(Nafafu)
821999Mr. Arun SarmaProf. Joyanti ChutiaStudy of Sheath Instabilities in Laboratory Plasmas
831998Mr. Anjan BuragohainProf. Joyanti ChutiaStudy of Chaotic Instabilities in Ion-Beam Plasma System
841997Ms. Arundhuti DeviProf. K. G. BhattacharyyaImpact of oil field operation on soil quality near upper Assam oil field
851995Mr. Heramba BailungProf. K. M. Pathak and  Prof. Joyanti ChutiaNonlinear Properties of Ion-Acoustic Waves in Laboratory Plasma
861993Ms. Jayashree GoswamiDr. P. GoswamiEffect of Magnesium in Liver Functions with Special Reference to Liver Enzyme