Ongoing Project

Sl. NoTitle of the projectFunding AgencyTotal fund (Rs.)Duration YearName of PI/Coordinator
1Bio-surfactants Enhanced Bioremediation of PAHs Contaminated Soil of Oil Field Situated at upper AssamDBT, Govt. of India24.846 Lakhs2013-2016Prof. Suresh Deka
2Development of Plasma modified Bio-membrane and low loaded Elecrode catalyst for Proton Exchange Membrane fuel by plasma processSERB,DST Govt..of India36319402015-2018Prof. Joyanti Chutia
3Identification and characterization of bio-active molecules from some indigenous medicinal plants of NE region of India with special reference to antioxidant and hypolipidemic properties.DBT, New Delhi23.00 lakhs2012- 2016Dr. Rajlakshmi Devi
4Investigating physico-chemical properties of new hybrid carbon nanomaterials and its applications as sensorsSERB, New Delhi48.7 lakhs2013-2016Dr. Devasish Chowdhury
5Physico-chemical study of carbon dots and its applications as sensorsBRNS, Mumbai22.1 lakhs2014-2017Dr. Devasish Chowdhury (PI) and Dr. Debajit Thakur (Co-PI)
6Infrastructure Development of Bioinformatics facility at IASSTDBT, New Delhi37.8 lakhApril 2012 – March 2017Dr. Dipali Devi
7Studies on Structure of Enzymes and their interaction with Nanostructure Materials for Bioelectronics Devices and other ApplicationsDBT, New Delhi16.70 lakhMay 2012 – Otober 2016Dr. Dipali Devi
8Polymer and polymer nanocomposites: structure and property correlationDAE-BRNS, Govt. of India2014-2017Dr. S Kundu
9Structure, pattern and elastic behaviour of model membranes in presence of nanomaterialsDST, Nano Mission, Govt. of India2015-2018Dr. S Kundu
10Investigations on Rogue waves in multicomponent plasma with negative ionsDST, Govt. of India42.00 Lakhs2013-2016Prof. H. Bailung
11Investigation of some basic phenomena in a strongly coupled dusty plasmaDST, Govt. of India (under INSPIRE Faculty Scheme)35.00 Lakhs2012 – 2017Dr.Sumita Kumari Sharma,  DST-INSPIRE Faculty
13Correlation Study of Different Determinant of Gene RegulatorsDept. of Biotechnology83.00 lakhFeb 2015- Feb 2020Dr. Soumyadeep Nandi
14Cell- free Nucleic Acids as Noninvasive Biomarker for Cancer DetectionDST, Govt. of India35.00 lakhApril 2015- April 2020Dr. Rosy Mondal, DST-Inspire Faculty
15New n-type organic semiconductors for optoelectronics: Synthesis, characterization and device fabricationDST, Govt. of India35.00 lakhOct 2014-Sep 2019Dr. Sagar Sharma, DST-Inspire Faculty
16Epigenetic Perspective Of Environmental Effects On Mouse Uterus: Role Of MicroRNA In Hormonal Regulation With Special Emphasis On EndometriosisDST-SERB, Govt. of India89.00 lakhsJuly 2015 to June 2020Dr. Sourav Kundu, DST-Ramanujan Fellow
17Dr. Abhijit Dam