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Sl. No.BooksAuthor/ EditorQuantity
1Structural BioinformaticsJ. Gu1
2An Introduction to Mechanical ChemistryG.L. Patrick1
3Fungal Diagnostics: Methods and ProtocolsL.O’. Connor1
4Bacteria in Agrobiology: Disease ManagementD.K. Maheshwari1
5Plant Pathogen InteractionTalbot1
6Plant Microbe symbiosis: Fundamentals and AdvancesArora1
7Molecular Plant-Microbe InteractionsBouarab1
8Leninger’s Principles of BiochemistryNelson1
9Genomes 4Brown1
10Bioinformatics and functional genomics,  3 rd  ed.Pevsner1
11Evolutionary Bioinformatics 3 rd  ed.Forsdyke1
12Plant Bioinformatics: Methods and Protocols, 2 nd  ed.Edwards1
13Computational Biology and BioinformaticsWong1
14Plant pathogen resistance biotechnologyCollinge1
15Pest and disease management handbookAlford1
16Applied MycologyRai1
17An introduction to molecular biotechnology: Fundamentals Methods and Applications, 2 nd  ed.Wink1
18Practical Problem Solving in HPLCKomidas1
19Natural Products Desk ReferenceBukingham1
20Prime Ayurvedic Plant Drugs: A modern scientific appraisal 2nd ed.Dev1
21Statistical genomics: Methods and ProtocolsMathe1
22Microbiology with diseases by Taxonomy 5 th  ed.Bauman1
23Manual of Environmental Microbiology 4 th  ed.Yates1
24Microbiology: An introduction 12 th  ed.Tottora1
25Practical Handbook of Microbiology 3 rd  ed.Goldman1
26The p53 familyLevine1
27Organic Chemistry 2 nd  ed.Clyden1
28Atkins Physical Chemistry, 10th ed.Atkins1
29Organic Chemistry,  9 th  ed.Wade1
30NMR Spectroscopy in Food AnalysisSpyros1
31Theories of Molecular Reaction DynamicsHenriksen1
32Basic and Applied Aspects of BiotechnologyGupta1
33New Therapeutic Strategies for Type 2 diabetesJones1
34Drug Discovery from Natural ProductsOlga1
35Biomolecules and Structural BiologyBaiano1
36Insect, Pest and Disease ManagementDalton1
37Leninger Principals of Biochemistry, 7 th  ed.Nelson1
38Plant MicrobiologySrivastava1
39An Introduction to Medicinal ChemistryPatrick1
41Modelling Forest SystemsAmaro1
42Soil Nutrition and Soil FertilityYoung1
43Techniques and Methods in modern BiologyPierre1
44A comprehensive Approach to Molecular BiologyWatson1
45Human Biology Concepts and Current IssuesJohnson1
46Probiotics Modern InsightsParks1
47Probiotics and Preiotics in Food Nutrition and HealthDiaz1
48Plant Biotechnology Genetic Genomics and BreedingNickel1
49Impacts of Soil Plant Growth and EnvironmentHanks1
50Lactic Acid Bacteria Latest ResearchLayman1
51Microbial Bioenergy:   Hydrogen ProductionZannoni1
52Big Mechanisms in Systems BiologyChen1
53Statistical Methods in Biology: Design and Analysis of Experiments and RegressionWelham1
54Plant Organogenesis: Methods and ProtocolsSmet1
55The Plant Endoplasmic ReticulumRobinson1
56Plant Proteomics: Methods and Protocols, 2 nd  ed.Novo1
57Plant Cells and their organellesDashek1
58Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology, 2 nd  ed.Wildi1
59Infectious Diseases: Pathology and TreatmentHarris1
60Plant BiotechnologyNeckel1
61Chromatography TechniquesSeverino1
62Encyclopedia of Phytochemicals, Arbervol. 2Belt1
63Herbal Plants and Drugs: Their origin and EvolutionArber1
64Computational Biology: An IntroductionSpencer1
65Plant Biotechnology: Genetics, Genomics & BreedingNickel1
66Protein-protein interactions: Methods & Applications, 2 nd  ed.Meyerkord1
67Commercial BioinformaticsMishra1
68Functional GenomicsZhu1
69Plasma and PlasmonicsKushal Shah1
70Biosensors NanotechnologyD. Collins1
Sl. No.BooksAuthor/ EditorQuantity
71Wavelets: Algorithms and ApplicationsKaram1
72Principals of Digital Image Processing:  Fundamentals and TechniquesBurger1
73Optimization methods in operations research and systems.Zhang1
74Stochastic Analysis and applicationsBenth1
75Differential equations and dynamical systems 3 rd  ed.Perko1
76Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundation and Applications 3 rd  ed.Falconer1
77An Introduction to chaotic dynamical systems 2 nd  ed.Devaney1
78Dynamical systemsSternberg1
79Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos with appl. to physics, biology, chemistry & engg.Strogatz1
80Software Architecture Principles & PracticeMcgarry1
81Fundamental of Programming LanguageChancellor1
82Computational MorphologyBerent1
83Statistical GeneticsReeb1
84Fractal GeometryKumar1
85Fundamentals of Machine LearningVaughn1
86Bioinformatics Trend and MethodologyAttwood1
87Chromatin RemodellingJennings1
88Computational Fluid DynamicsC. Sheng1
89Heterocyclic ChemistryJ.A. Joule1
90Scattering of light by crystalsW. Hayes1
Sl. No.BooksAuthor/ EditorQuantity
91Cybersecurity for executives: a practical guideTouhil1
92Data MiningBolton1
93Data Mining Analysis Algorithm & applicationsWitte1
94Internet of thingsRocus1
95Internet of things & Network InfrastructureRocus1
96E- security & Software StandardsGacovski1
97Inner  Engineering: A yogis guide to joySadhguru1
98Swamy’s Receipts and Payment Rules, 20181
99Kanchan’s Compilation of Government Accounting Rule 20181
100FRSR Part 1: General Rules  20171
101NABHIS Reference for Central Govt. Employees 20181
102Swamy’s  CCS Revised Pay 2008-2017 Rule2
103Taxmans GST Manual with GST Law Guide, 7 TH  ED.1
104Swamy’s House Building Advance 2018 Rule1
105Swamy’s Leave Travel Concession 2018 Rule with Q- 31
106Swamy’s General Finance Rule 20171
107Swamy’s DDO Part 1: 20171
108Swamy’s DDO Part 2: 2017 (with Q-2)1
109CPWD Delhi Schedule Rates- 2 vol. Set1
110Swamy’s Handbook for Central Govt. Employees- 20184
111McGraw Hill Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology, vol. 1-20. 11 th  ed.McGraw Hill1 set
112Business MaharajasPiramal1
113Made in AmericaWalton1
114Zero to OneThiel1
115Grassroots InnovationGupta1
116Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDrucker1
117Jugaad InnovationRadjou1
118Monetizing InnovationRamanujam1
119Harvard Business Essentials- Negotiation1
120Positioning: the battle for Your MindRies1
121Principles of Marketing 17 th  edKotler1
122Ziglar on sellingZiglar1
123The magic of Thinking BIGShwartz1
124I’m  Ok- You’re OkHarris1
125What do you say after you say HelloBerne1
126Crafting and executing strategy 19 th  ed.Thompson1
127The fortune at the bottom of the pyramidPrahalad1
128Supply Chain Management 6 th  ed.Chopra1
129Dhando InvestorPrabal1
130Rich Dad Poor DadKiyosaki1
131Innovator’s DilemmaChristenson1
13222 Immutable Laws of BrandingRies1
134Monk who sold his ferrariSharma1
1357 Habits  of Highly effective peopleCovey1
136Influence: The Psychology of PersuationCialdini1
137Blue Ocean StrategyKim1
138Competitive StrategyPorter1
139Good to GreatCollins1
140Connect the dotsBansal1
141Elon MuskVance1
142S. JobsIsacson1
Sr. No.Journal TitleVol. (Issue)
1Resonance, Journal of Science Education23(6, 7 & 8)
2Current Science114 (7,8,9,10, 11, 12)
3Current Sciences115 (1, 2,3 & 4)
4Calcutta Mathematical Society110 (2)
5Indian Journal  of Animal Research52 (4 & 6)
6Journal of Cell and Tissue Research18 (2)
7Pramana: journal of physics90 (4,5 & 6)
8Pramana: journal of physics91 (1, 2)
9Journal of Polymer Materials, an International Journal35 (1)
10Bulletin of Materials Science41 (3 & 4)
11Sericologia58 (1)
12Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Science20 (2)
13Ecology: Environment & Conservation24 (1 & 2)
14Journal of Environmental Biology39 (3,4 &5)
15Pollution Research37 (1 & 2)