Completed Project

Sl. NoName of projectFunding AgencyName of PI / Co PI of projectYear
1Exploration of Actinomycetes in soil of protected forest areas of Assam for antioxidant activity and its potential application against bacterial and fungal pathogens.ICMR, Govt. of IndiaDr. Debajit Thakur, PI2013-2015
2A study on hydrocarbon Pollution in lentic ecosystems in and around oil field areas and effect of hydrocarbon Contamination on flora and fauna.NEC, Ministry of DONER, Govt.of India.Prof. (Mrs.) Sabitry C. Bordoloi, PI2013-2015
3Endophytic diversity in wild versus cultivated rice across the environmental gradients in north east IndiaDBT Govt. of IndiaDr. N C Talukdar, PI2012-2015
4Evaluation of role of arbuscular mycorrhizal and PGPRs from diverse ecosystems of north east India for organic production of citrus and chilliDBT Govt. of IndiaDr. N C Talukdar, PI2012-2015
5Exploration of microbial diversity (culturable) associated with Tea rhizospheresoil of Assam and Darjeeling (WB), and utilization for the production of plant growth promoting substances and bio-control of prominent fungal diseases and pests in tea.DBT Govt. of India (under RGYI Scheme)Dr. Debajit Thakur, PI2012-2015
6Antifungal properties of biosurfactants produced by the native bacterial strains and their application to control certain fungal diseases of field crops of Assam.DBT, Govt. of India
(Twining Project)
Prof. Suresh Deka, PI2012-2015
7Studies on Structure of Enzymes and their interaction with Nanostructure Materials for Bioelectronics Devices and other ApplicationDBT, Govt. of India (Twinning Project)Dr. (Mrs.) Dipali Devi, PI2012-2015
8Pharmacological evaluation of some indigenous variety of citrus fruits of Northeastern region of India – a bio molecular a.pproach.ICMR, New Delhi, Govt of IndiaDr. (Mrs.) Rajlakshmi Devi, PI
Prof. J Kotoky, Co PI
9Virulence factors & antibiotic resistance profile of biosurfactant producing stains of psedomonaDST, Govt. of IndiaProf. Suresh Deka, PI2012-2015
10Treatment of oil field formation water with in situ generated bioflocculantDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. (Mrs.) Arundhuti Devi, PI
Prof. K G Bhattcharyya, Co PI
11Androgen receptor mediated drug development to treat prostate cancerDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. J kotoky, PI
Dr. R Devi, Co PI
12Molecular Genetic diversity of Houttuynia Thunb. germplasms prevalent in North East India and screening for Antioxidant along with antimicrobial activity.DBT, Govt. of India under DBT-RA schemeDr. Sushmita Gupta, (RA), PI2012-2014
13Plant assisted bioremediation for decontamination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) polluted soilCSIR, Govt. of IndiaDr. Hemen Deka, (RA) PI2012-2014
14Agrawood production from  Aquilaria agallocha – studies from a biotechnological perspective on an ancient and important plant based industry of north east IndiaDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. S. Sen, (RA) PI2012-2014
15Study of Bio-Degumming And Chemical Deposition on Muga Silk ( Antheraea assamensis  Helfer) fibers of AssamDST, Govt. of IndiaDr. (Mrs.) Dipali Devi, PI2012-2014
16Self-assembly in nanomaterials and biomaterials: an SANS and SAXS studyUGC-DAE CSR, Govt. of IndiaDr. S Kundu, PI2012-2013
17Development of polymer based sensorsMCIT, DIT, Gov t. of IndiaDr N S Sarma, PI2011-2015
18Treatment of oil filed formation water with in situ generated bioflocculantDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. A. Devi, PI2011-2015
19Study of single step synthesis of magnetic material containing aligned carbon nanotubes by plasma based chemical vapour deposition process and effect of externally applied magnetic field during growth on the aligmnent and properties of the nanotubesCSIR, Govt. of IndiaDr. A R Pal, PI2011-2014
20Stimuli responsive polymeric surfacesCSIR. New DelhiDr. D Choudhury, PI2011-2014
21Institutional biotech hubDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. M R Khan, PI2011-2014
22Development of proton exchange membrane for fuel cell by plasma process.Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, GoI.Prof. J Chutia, PI2011-2014
23Study on intestinal micro biota of ethnically diverse tribal population of India: enhancing our understanding on effect of host genotype, diet and ecologyDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. N C Talukdar, PI
Dr. M R Khan, PI
24Oxidative degradation of typical petroleum hydrocarbons in soil through combined bio augmentation and bio stimulation processesDST, Govt. of IndiaDr. Arundhuti Devi, PI
Prof. K G Bhattcharyya, Co PI
25Development of polymer based sensorsMCIT, DIT, Govt. of IndiaDr. N S Sharma, PI
Dr. D. Choudhury, Co PI
26North eastern origin silk protein leased matrices and nano microprticles for biomediated applicationsDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. Dipali Devi, PI2011-2014
27Preparation of a data bank on general health status of the population in the open cast and coal mining areas of Assam vis-a-vis their exposure to dust in ambient airDST, Govt. of IndiaDr. Arundhuti Devi, PI
Prof. K G Bhattcharyya, Co PI
28Evaluation of possible candidate species for phytoremediation of vanadium and chromiumDBT, Govt. of IndiaDr. S Deka, PI2011-2013
29Development of nanocomposite material based organic-inorganic hybrid flexible solar cell by plasma polymerization and magnetron sputtering combined processBRNS, DAE, Govt. of IndiaDr. A R Pal, PI2010-2013
30Development of proton exchange membrane for fuel cell plasma processMNRE, Govt. of IndiaProf. J. Chutia, PI2010-2011
31Spectra and pseudo-spectra of euler operatorCSIR, Govt. of IndiaDr. B C Tripathy, PI2010-2013
32Assessment of risk due to intake of artificial colours through foodstuffs available in the North Eastern Region, including SikkimNEC, DoNER, GoIDr. J Kotoky, PI2010-2013
33Development of a package for seed production of Muga Silkworm.NABARDDr. D Devi, PI2009-2011
34Study of aquatic biodiversity in selected watersheds of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaDBT, GoI.Dr. S C Bordoloi, PI2009-2012
35Studies on the discharge characteristics of pulsed plasma system for synthesis of conducting polymer filmsDST, GoI (Fast Track Scheme)Dr. A R Pal, PI2009-2012
36Assessment of impact of anthropogenic activities on soil/ water and certain medicinal plants in and around Bharalu River in Guwahati city.Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of IndiaProf. Jibon Kotoky, PI2010-2012
37Field application of phyto and bioremediation technique for reducing oil contamination developed at IASST, Guwahati in collaboration with Oil India Limited, Duliajan, AssamOIL, Duliajan, AssamDr. S C Bordoloi, PI2009-2011
38Nutritional status of the pregnant women in the low socio-economic areas in Kamrup DistrictMOSPI,CSODr. L.B.Mahanta, PI
Dr. A. Devi, Co PI
39Bio-surfactant and their use for recovery of hydrocarbons from refinery sludgeDBT, GoI.Dr. S. Deka, PI2008-2011
40Plant-diversity & environment education through students of AssamDST, GoI.Dr. J Kotoky, PI2008-2011
41Study on the coherent structure of dust-ion-acoustic nebulons in the interstellar space plasma as well as on the surface of moon and rotating starsISRO-RESPONSProf. G. C. Das, PI2008-2011
42Studies on some pattern recognition and machine learning models with application to real life problems related to cancer data and development of algorithms based on pearsonianDST, Govt. of India,Dr. L.B.Mahanta, PI2008-2011
43Title-Bio-surfactants and their use for recovery of hydrocarbons from refinery sludge.DBT, GoI.Dr. S Deka, PI
Dr. K G Bhattacharyya, Co PI
44Development of a package for Seed Production of Muga Silkworm.NABARDDr. D. Devi, PI2008-2011
45Surface self-assembly @ constructive nanolithography enroute to polyaniline based nano devices.DST, GoI (Fast Track Scheme)Dr. D Choudhury, PI2008-2011
46Development of broad spectrum remedy from natural sources for health care with special references to skin ailments.DRDO, Ministry of Defence, GoI.Dr. J Kotoky, PI2008-2010
47Development of safety evaluation of herbal carrier substances for Skin care ointments.DRDO, GoI.Dr. J Kotoky, PI2008-2009
48Studies on the class of n-normed Sequence spaces related to spaceDST,Govt of India,Ms S Borgohain,PI Dr. B. C.Tripathy, CoPI2008-2009
49A study on Ichthyofaunal diversity in four lotic water bodies of Kamrup district,assam and ecobioligical study of two species of conservational importanceNational Bureau of Fish genetic resourcesDr. S.C.Bordoloi, PI2008-2009
50Plant diversity & environment education through students of AssamDST,NESTC Div GoIDr. J. Kotoky, PI2008-2009
51Phytoremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil of Upper Assam.Ministry of Environment and Forest, GoI.Dr. S Deka, PI
Dr. N S Sarma, Co PI
52Study of the effect of Leaf extracts of Clerodendron Colebrookian Walp (Nefafu) on Lipid Peroxidation, Lipid Profile and Antioxidant status in Cholesterol Fed Rat.ICMR, GoI.Dr. R Devi, PI
Prof. D K Sarma, Co PI
53Evaluation of antioxidant property of some selected fruits of North East India- a biochemical approach.DST, GoI.Dr. R Devi, PI2007-2010
54Development of RF Plasma Polymerization Process for deposition of hard, transparent and corrosion resistant coatings on bell metal and surface modification of muga silk fibrers.BRNS, DAE, GoI.Prof. J. Chutia, PI
Dr. H. Bailung, &
Dr. A. R. Pal, CoPI
55Ab initio calculation of vibrational and thermodynamic properties of oxide under pressureDST, GoI. under Young Scientist Fast track SchemeDr. M.B.Saharia, PI2007-2010
56Development board spectrum remedy from natural sources for health care with special reference to Skin ailmentsDRLT, DRDO,
Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India
Dr. J. Kotoky, PI2007-2010
57Study of sheath phenomena and instability in Post magnetron discharge.DST, GoI, (Under women scientist scheme)Dr. P Kalita Barua, PI2007-2008
58Biodiversity assessment of Beels under Assa Agricultural Competitiveness project (AACP)World BankDr. S. C. Bordoloi, PI2007-2008
59Development of liquid crystalline polymersMIT, GoIDr. Neelotpal Sen Sarma, PI
Prof. J. Chutia, CoPI
60Investigation on collective processes in laboratory dusty plasmaISRO, Dept. of Space, GoI.Dr. H. Bailung, PI Prof. J. Chutia, CoPI2006-2009
61Studies on some Retrial Models with two phase of servicesDST, GoI.Dr. G. Choudhury, PI
Dr S. Kalita, CoPI
62Investigation on collective processes in laboratory dusty plasmaISRO,Dept. of Space,Govt. of IndiaDr. H. Bailung, PI Prof. J. Chutia, CoPI2006-2009
63Grainage of Antheraea assama Ww(Muga Silkworm)using indoor rearing techniqueASTEC, Govt of AssamDr. Dipali Devi, PI
Prof. D. K. Sarma, CoPI
64Development of Grainage of Muga Silkworm using indoor rearing technique.ASTEC, Govt. of Assam.Dr. D Devi, PI2006-2008
65A systematic study on physio-chemical properties of Muga Silk (Antheraea assama) fibre produced in India.DST, GoIDr. D Devi, Co PI
Dr. K C Barua, PI
66Fuzzy real-valued  I- convergent sequencesCSIR, New DelhiDr. B. C. Tripathy, PI2005-2008
67Basic experiments on multicomponenent plasma with negative ionsDST, GoIDr. H. Bailung, PI
Prof. J. Chutia, CoPI
68Rehabiliation of degraed soils of Upper Assam due to excessive mining of coalMinistry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, New DelhiDr. Padum Azad, PI Prof.A. K. Barma, CoPI2005-2008
69Study of polymeric foam and their uses in laser-plasma experimentDAE, Govt. of India, BARC, MumbaiProf. N. N.Dass, PI
Prof. J. Chutia and
Dr. N. S Sarma,CoPI
70Conductive of Polymeric materials in solid stateDST, GoIProf N N Das, PI
Dr .N. S Sarma, CoPI
71Conductivities of Polymeric Foam and their uses in Laser-Plasma ExperimentsDAE, Govt. of India, BARC, MumbaiProf N N Das,PI
Dr. J Chutia, & Dr. N. Sen Sarma, CoPI
72Microbial Diversity of Dibru-Saikhowa and Manas Biosphere Reserves of AssamMinistry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, New DelhiDr. Padum Azad, PI
Dr. S. Deka and Dr G. Sarma, CoPI
73Study of post magnetron discharge plasmaDST, Govt. of IndiaProf. J. Chutia,PI
Dr. H. Bailung, CoPI
74Assessment of oil field soil (with special reference to polyaromatic hydrocarbons)for their eventual remediation and reclamationsponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI,New DelhiDr. A.Devi, PI
Prof. K. G. Bhattacharyya & Dr. A. Kumar, CoPI
75Ichthyo faunal diversity and fishery potential in the wetlands of Hajo,Kamrup District,Assam and study of socioeconomic status of fisherman communityG.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, Kosi-Katarmal, AlmoraDr. S. C. Bordoloi,PI2004-2007
76Development of Herbal remedies for Licer AilmentsDRDO, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of IndiaDr. Jibon Kotoki, PI2003-2006
77Studies of on native VAM fungi and their combined  Rhizobia  for enhancing pulse production in NE RegionDBT, GoI.Dr. Padum Azad, PI
Dr. S. Deka, CoPI
78Metal oxide deposition process by RF magnetron sputteringDAE, Govt. of IndiaProf. J Chutia,PI2003-2005
Prof. H Bailung,
Prof. Robin Pal, CoPI
79Assessment of risks due to intake of artificial food colours through foodstuffs available in the District of KamrupASTEC, Govt. of AssamDr. Jibon Kotoki, PI2003-2004
80Environmental information system node on tea garden environmentMinistry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of IndiaDr. S C Bordoloi, PI2002-2007
81Nonlinear waves studying the coherent structures of soliton radiation,spike,shock phenomena in plasmasUGC,Prof. G. C. Das,PI2002-2005
New DelhiDr. N. Devi, CoPI
82Studies on some batch arrival queueing models with vacations,Deptt. Of Atomic Energy, Govt. of IndiaDr. G. Choudhury, PI2002-2005
83Microwave reflectometry for plasma density measurement in tokamak plasmaDST, Govt. of IndiaDr. H. Bailung, PI2002-2005
Prof J. Chutia, &
Prof R.N. Pal, Co PI
84Phytoremediation of oil and heavy mental in polluted soil and water in and around oil fields of upper AssamOil India Ltd. Duliajan, AssamDr. S C Bordoloi, PI2002-2004
85Environmental problems in tea gardensMinistry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of IndiaDr. A. Baruah, PI2002-2003
86Silk Industry in Sualkoshi cluster.DBT, GoI.Prof. P. Baishya, PI1 st  jan 2002-30 th Sept 2002
87Employment generation Training Scheme(EGTS) for North East and SC/ST/OBC,sMIT, MPD, GoI.Mr. Anupam Barman2001-2006
88Utilization of lime sludge of Jagiroad paper mill for fish culture,ICAR, New DelhiDr. S. Deka, PI2001-2005
Dr. A. Devi, CoPI
89Entry of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons into from oil field effluents and their natural degradationDBT, GoI.Dr. Arundhati Devi,PI2001-2002
90Upgrading the IASSTDBT, GoI.Prof. Joyanti Chutia, PI1999-2004
91Low frequency waves in magnetized partially ionized plasmas(Application to Heliopause & Interplanetary space plasma)DBT, GoI.Pof G. C. Das,PI1999-2001
Prof C. Uberoi,CoPI
92Performance of S T students of the University’s in the NE Region in selected national eligibility testsDST, GoI.Prof. J. Medhi, PI1999-2000
93Development of mathematical and statistical science at IASSTDST, GoI.Dr. B. C. Tripathy ,PI1998-2001
Dr. M. R. Agarwal and Dr. G. Choudhury, CoPI
94Developing isozyme marker for different stocks of eri silkwormDBT, GoI.Dr. Dipali Devi, PI1998-2001
Dr. D. K. Sarma, CoPI
95Development of plasma physics division at IASSTDBT, GoI.Dr. Joyanti Chutia,PI Dr. A. R. Hazarika,1997-2003
Dr. G. C. Das,
96Studies on utilization and career profile of post graduate and Ph.Ds in Science & Technology and to the extent of R & D activities undertaken by the Ph.D,s in higher educational institution in the N. E. RegionDBT, GoI.Prof. J. Medhi, PI1996-1998
97Database on research on resource management and .environment of N. E. RegionMinistry of Environment and Forest,Prof. J. Medhi, PI1996-1997
Govt. of India
98Development of herbal medicine with special reference to hepatic disorder.DST, Govt. of IndiaDr. J. Kotoki,1995-2000
Dr. P. N. Das
99Study of the sheath induced nonlinear phenomena in multi-component plasmasDBT, GoI.Dr.Joyanti Chutia, PI1995-1998
Dr. C. B.Dwivedi,
Dr. G. C. Das, CoPI
100Development of microbiological method(s) for control of hydrocarbonaeous pollutants in soil of Assam a feasibility studyDBT, GoI.Dr. S. Deka, PI1995-1997
Dr. N. D. Bordoloi CoPI
101Development of muga culture with special reference to indooor rearing technique.DBT, GoI.Dr. J. N. Talukdar,PI1994-1999
102Survey collection and study on phytopathogenic Fungi on cultivated crops of AssamAssam Science Technology and Environment Council, Govt. of AssamDr. Padum Azad, PI1994-1999
103Studies of rhizobium biofertilizer for improvement of pulse production in AssamDBT, GoI.Dr. P. Azad, PI1994-1998
104Development of mathematical science divisionDBT, GoI.Dr. A. K. Agarwal, PI1994-1998
Dr. K. K. Das, CoPI
105Studies on some aspect of muga silk worn, antheraeaAssam Science Technology and Environment Council, Govt. of Assam1992-1995
106Study of availability andDBT, GoI.1992-1995
requirements of S & T manpower in the state of Assam in the next 20 years.
107Study of chaotic phenomena in plasmas.DBT, GoI.1992-1995
108Effects of carcinogen on retinol binding protein.Deptt. of STE, Govt. of Assam1992-1994
109Hepatoprotective actions of the medicinal plantsDeptt. of STE, Govt. of Assam1992-1994
110Correlation of Alkaline posphatase trigey cerides and other lipids in the atherosclerosis.Deptt. of STE, Govt. of Assam1992-1994
111The phytochemical basis of the biological effects of the medicinal plants.Deptt. of STE, Govt. of Assam1992-1994
112A study on the impact of oil exploration on the microflora of rice field of Upper Assam.Ministry of Enironment & Forest, GoI.1991-1994
113Study of the effect of terminatia chebula on the liver enzyme systems.1991-
114Study of antifungal and antibacterial properties of a mixture of muga sankha, haritala, raskarpoor, sangrup and neem in musterd oil base.1991-
115Study into physical, biochemical and quality characteristics meat broilers in relation to source of protein and energy with special reference to agro industrial waste and byproducts.1991-
116Study of tobacco smoking and its relation to cancer laryngopharyns in Assam.1991-
117The effect of clerodendurm colebrokianum extract on the enzyme more specially of the liver enzyme system.1991-
118Isolation and chemical nature of the active principle extracted from the leaves and flowers of clerodendurm colebrokianum1991-
119Study of chaotic phenomena in plasmaDST, Govt. of India1991-