Medicinal plant garden

IASST life science research programme includes traditional knowledge based drug discovery and development specially using those plants which are used against metabolic syndroms such as diabetic neuropathy and cancer. In the medicinal plant conservatory of IASST, the medicinal plants used in various experiments for scientific validation are planted, multiplied and maintained. Expert plant botanists regularly identify and support in this effort. Currently, the following species of medicinal plants are maintained in MPC of IASST: Ambellica officinalis, Citrus grandis, Citrus morella, Clerodendron colebrookianum, Clerodendron viscosum, Terminalia chebula, Vinca rosea, Eugenia jambolana, Punica granatum, Ocimum sanctum, Cuinamomum tamala, Murrya koenigii, Pepar longum, Rauwalfia serpentina, Terminalia arjuna.


Dr. R Devi
Funded by DBT, Govt. of India