Dorothy hodgkin student and scientists

The hostel cum guest house of IASST named as Student and Scientists Home (SSH) is located within the Institute campus. SSH was inaugurated by Dr. T. Ramasami, former Secretary, DST, Govt. of India in September 19, 2013 and dedicated to the Nobel laureate, Prof. Dorothy Hodgkin. The surrounding of SSH is blessed with scenic beauty and pollution-free environment. The newly constructed SSH building is well designed with a big common room and an excellent dining area. The hostel cleanliness is well maintained and is provided with 24 hrs electricity and running water. Each boarder is facilitated with a well-furnished spacious room with attached bathroom and balcony. The common room includes TV and facilities for indoor games. The hostel is also provided with a utility room for the convenience of the boarders.


Dr. A. R. Pal

Student and Scientists Home committee members:
Name Designation Email
Students and Scientists Home Council (SSHC)
Prof. Suresh Deka Chairman
Dr. Diganta Goswami Member
Dr. Arup Ratan Pal Member Secretary
Dr. Munima B. Saharia Member
Mr. P. K. Deka Member
Satyananda Chabungbam Students Representative
Students and Scientists Home Management (SSHM)
Dr. Arup Ratan Pal Chairman
Dr. Munima B. Saharia Member Secretary
Mr. Rajesh Sharma Member
Mr. Montu Deka Member
Yogesh Chaudhari Student Representative
Priyanka Sharma Student Representative
Mess Committee
Dr. Arup Ratan Pal Member Secretary
Dr. Munima B. Saharia Member
Mr. Suresh Sarma Member
Mr. Suresh Sarma Member
Abhijit Boruah Student Representative
Jafrin Farha Hussain Student Representative


Dr. A. R. Pal

Student and Scientists Home
Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology
Paschim Boragaon, Guwahati-35, India
Phone: 0361-2273061, E-mail: