Dr. (Mrs.) Rajlakshmi Devi

Research Interests:

         Medicinal plants          Antioxidants
       Metabolic syndrome          Free radical
         Cardiovascular diseases          Food as medicine


  1. Post doc (2013)University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia.
  2. Post doc (2002- 2004)All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India.
  3. Ph D (1999) Gauhati University, Title of the Thesis: Study of the hypolipidemic effect of Clerodendroncolebrookianum, Walp(Nefafu).
  4. M Sc (1989)Gauhati University,Zoology with specialization in Cell Biology and Molecular Biology
  5. B Sc (1984)Zoology (Honours), Botany and Chemistry; Arya Vidyapeeth College, Gauhati University, Guwahati, India

Position and Employment:

2017- till date Associate Prof. II, IASST, Guwahati.
2013- 2017 Associate Prof. I, IASST, Guwahati.
2005- 2013 Assistant Prof
2004- 2005 SRA, IASST, Guwahati.
2002- 2004 Post-doctoral Fellow, AIIMS, New Delhi.
1997- 2002 SRA, IASST, Guwahati.
1995- 1997 Research Assistant, IASST, Guwahati.
1989- 1995 Research fellow, IASST, Guwahati.


List of Awards: 02

  1. Awarded DBT- Post doctoral Fellowship and completed at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS),New Delhi, from 2002- 2004 on the project entitled “Studyof the cardioprotective effect of ClerodendroncolebrookianumWalp (CC) in rat.” under the supervision of Dr SKMaulik, Prof., Department of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), New Delhi, India. The award was offered by Department of Biotechnology (DBT),Govt of India, New Delhi, India.
  2. Awarded Overseas Associateshipand completed in the School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery, University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia on the topic “Role of ripe pulp of Musa balbisianafruit in high carbohydrate, high-fat diet–induced metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular remodeling in rats”.The award was offered by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt of India, New Delhi, India.

Membership of Institutions/ Academies: 09

  1. Life member of Assam Science Society since 1996.
  2. Life member of Indian Pharmacological Society since 1994 (membershipNo LD (124).
  3. Life member of the society for chemical education since 2002.
  4. Life member of the society for chemical education since 2002.
  5. Life member of Zoological Society of India (ZSI).
  6. Life member of Indian Science congress (membership No L 13356).
  7. Member of Alumni Association, GU
  8. Member for International Society for Ethnopharmacology (ISE).
  9. Member of Institutional Animal Ethics committee (IAEC).
  10. Life member of Indian Society for Cell Biology (ISCB)
  11. Life member of International Society for Heart Research (ISHR).



  1. Programme Head of the Institutional program “Traditional knowledge Based Drug development and delivery”.
  2. Incharge of Animal house facility of IASST (Registration No 1706/Go/C/13/CPCSEA).
  3. Incharge of Medicinal plants Garden, IASST.
  4. Incharge of some Instruments of CIF, IASST.
  5. School level Class undertaken(12 nos.) under the DST’s school training program during the year 2015-16
  6. Contribution towards institution building: Served as member of many committees for infrastructure development related work at IASST.
  7. Convener/Secretary/Member of organizing committees for events/ workshop/ seminar at IASST.

List of Publications in Last Five Years: 26

  1. Gogoi, D., Arora, N., Kalita, B., Sarma, R., Islam, T., Ghosh, S.S., Devi, R., Mukherjee, A.K. Anticoagulant mechanism, pharmacological activity, and assessment of preclinical safety of a novel fibrin(ogen)olytic serine protease from leaves of Leucas indica. Scientific Reports. 2018. 8: 6210. (IF 4.259)
  2. Divakar, S., Saravanan, K., Karthikeyan, P., Elancheran. R, Kabilan, S., Balasubramanian, K.K., Devi, R., Kotoky, J., Ramanathan, M. Iminoenamine based novel androgen receptor antagonist exhibited anti-prostate cancer activity in androgen independent prostate cancer cells through inhibition of AKT pathway. Chemico- Biological Interactions. 275: 22-34.(IF 3.143)
  3. Kalita, H., Hazarika, A., Kalita, S., Kandimalla, R., Devi, R. Antimicrobials tethering on suture surface through a hydrogel: a novel strategy to combat postoperative wound infections. RSC Advances.2017. 52: 32637-32646. (IF 3.108)
  4. Elancheran, R., Saravanan, K.,Divakar, S., Kumari, S., Maruthanila, V.L., Kabilan, S.,Ramanathan, M., Devi, R., Kotoky, J.Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 1, 3-thiazolidine-2, 4-diones as anti-prostate cancer agents. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry2017. 17:1756-1768. (IF: 2.7)
  5. Hazarika, A., Kalita, H., Kalita, M.C., Devi, R.Withdrawal from High-Carbohydrate High-saturated-Fat diet changes saturated-fat distribution and improves hepatic Low-Density-Lipoprotein-receptor expression to ameliorate metabolic syndrome in rats. Nutrition. 2017. 38: 95-101. (IF: 2.83)
  6. Kandimalla, R., Dash, S., Kalita, S., Choudhury, B., Malampati, S., Devi, S., Ramanathan, M., Talukdar, N.C., Kotoky, J.Bioactive fraction of Annonareticulata bark (or) Ziziphusjujuba root bark along with insulin attenuates painful diabetic neuropathy through inhibiting NF-κB inflammatory cascade. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience2017. 11:73. (IF: 4.602)
  7. Kumari, S., Elancheran, R., Devi, R.In vitro and in vivo antioxidant, anti-hyperlipidemic properties and chemical characterization of Centellaasiatica (L.) extract. Frontiers in Pharmacology. 2016. 7:400.(IF: 4.4)
  8. Deori, M., Devi, D., Kumari, S., Hazarika, A., Kalita, H., Sarma, R., Devi, R. Antioxidant effect of sericin in brain and peripheral tissues of oxidative stress induced hypercholesterolemic rats. Frontiers in Pharmacology.2016. 7:319.(IF: 4.4)
  9. Kandimalla, R., Dash, S., Kalita, S., Choudhury, B., Malampati, S., Kalita, K., Kalita, B., Devi, R., Kotoky, J.Protective effect of bioactivity guided fractions of Ziziphusjujuba Mill. root bark against hepatic injury and chronic inflammation via inhibiting inflammatory markers and oxidative stress. Frontiers in Pharmacology. 7:298.(IF: 4.4)
  10. Sarma, R., Kumari, S., Ramakrishnan, E., Deori, M., Devi, R. Polyphenol Rich Extract of Garciniapedunculata Fruit Attenuates the Hyperlipidemia induced by High Fat Diet. Journal of Frontiers in Pharmacology. 2016. 7:294.(IF: 4.4)
  11. Kumari, S., Elancheran, R., Kotoky, J., Devi, R.Rapid screening and identification of phenolic antioxidants in Hydrocotylesibthorpioides Lam. by UPLC–ESI-MS/MS. Food Chemistry 2016. 203: 521–529 (IF: 4.03)
  12. Kalita, H., Boruah, D.C., Deori, M., Hazarika, A., Sarma, R., Kumari, S., Kandimalla, R., Kotoky, J., Devi, R. Antidiabetic and Antilipidemic effect of Musa balbisiana root extracts: A potent agent in glucose homeostasis in the streptozotocin-induced rat.Frontiers in Pharmacology2016. 7: 102. (IF: 4.4)
  13. Hazarika, A., Kalita, H., Boruah, D., Kalita, M.C., Devi, R. Pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome: the onset of natural recovery on withdrawal of a high-carbohydrate high-fat diet. 2016.32: 1081-91. (IF: 2.83)
  14. Elancheran, R., Saravanan, K., Choudhury, B., Divakar, S., Kabilan, S., Ramanathan, M., Das, B., Devi, R., Kotoky, J. Design and development of oxobenzimidazoles as novel androgen receptor antagonists. Springer Medicinal Chemistry Research.2016. 25: 539-552.(IF: 1.7)
  15. Sarma, R., Das, M., Mudoi, T., Sharma, K.K., Kotoky, J., Devi, R. Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antifungal Activity of Polyphenol-rich Extracts of Dried Pulp of Garciniapedunculata And Garcinia MorellaGaertn.(Clusiaceae).Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2016. 15:133-140.(IF: 0.59)
  16. Elancheran, R., Maruthanila, V.L., Ramanathan, M., Kabilan, S., Devi, R., Kunnumakaraand, A., Kotoky, Recent discoveries and developments of Androgen Receptor based therapy for Prostate Cancer. J. 2015. 6, 746-768. (IF: 2.6)
  17. Sarma, R., Devi, R.Ethnopharmacological Survey of GarciniaPedunculata Fruit in Six Different Districts of Assam.International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Invention. 2015. 4:20-28.
  18. Mudoi, T., Deka, D.C., Devi, R.Determination of macro and trace Element contents of Some indigenous fruits of North Eastern Region of India.Asian Journal of Chemistry. 2015. 27:169- 172.
  19. Deori, M., Devi D., Devi, R. Nutrient composition and antioxidant activities of muga and eri silkworm pupae. International Journal of Science and Nature.2014. 5:636-640.
  20. Deori, M., Boruah, D.C., Devi D., Devi, R. Antioxidant and AntigenotoxicEffects of Pupae of the Muga Silkworm Antheraeaassamensis.Food Bioscience. 2014.5: 108–114.(IF: 1.96)
  21. Kalita, H., Boruah, D.C., Dutta, K., Devi, R. To study the genotoxic effect on buccal epithelial cells by micronuclei assay among the betel quid chewers. Asian Journal of Experimental Biological Sciences. 2013. 4: 491-494.
  22. Boruah, D.C., Devi, R., Tamuli, S., Kotoky, J., Sharma, D.K. Hypolipidemic activity of the crude polyphenols from the leaves of ClerodendroncolebrookianumWalp in cholesterol fed rats. Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2014. 51: 3333-3340. (IF: 1.26)
  23. Dutta, S., Bharali, R., Devi, R., Devi, D.Purification and characterization of glue like sericin Protein from a wild silkworm AntheraeaassamensisHelferGlobal Journal of Bio-Science and biotechnology. 2012.1: 229-233.
  24. Devi, R., Mudoi, T., Deka, D.C., Devi, D. In vitro and in vivo antioxidant activity of fresh juice of Citrus grandis (CG) of Northeastern (NE) region of India. Journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal plants. 2012. 18, 349-359.
  25. Mudoi, T., Deka, D.C., Devi, R. In vitro antioxidant activity of Garciniapedunculata, an indigenous fruit of North Eastern (NE) region of India. International Journal of Pharm Tech Research2012. 4, 334-342.
  26. Hazarika, A., Boruah, D.C., Sharma, D.K., Devi, R.In vitro antioxidant and in vivoantihyperlipidemic activity of a di- herbal formulation of ClerodendroncolebrookianumWalp, Alliumsativum in hyperlipidemic rats. Journal of Pharmacy Research. 2012. 5, 3343-3349.

Patent filed: 06

  1. Essential oil extracted from Cymbopogonnardusshown excellent wound healing activity in Streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic rats and a patent has been filed entitled “Poly herbal formulation for treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain. Official journal of the patent office, 2016. (201631008543).
  3. ANTIMICROBIAL SUTURE BIOMATERIAL AND A METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME (ref: SP 705; application no: 201631039604) Filed on 22nd November 2016.
  4. COST EFFECTIVE ANTIMICROBIAL SUTURE BIOMATERIAL AND A METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME (ref:SP 706; application no:  201631039605) Filed on 22nd November 2016.
  5. NOVEL ANTIMICROBIAL SUTURE BIOMATERIAL AND A METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME (ref: SP707; application no: 201631039603) Filed on 22nd November 2016.
  6. Herbal Formulation for Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia (Application No.201631030051) Filed on 02.09.2016 Name of inventors: Rajlakshmi Devi,Ankita Hazarika, Narayan Chandra Talukdar, Mohan Chandra Kalita.


Book Chapter: 2

  1. In vitro antioxidant properties of Alternanthera sessile (L0 from Northeast India —  Northeast India  Bioderversity- a glimpse, pg 01-08, 2016

Silkworm pupae: a complete food with antioxidant and nutrition– Northeast India  Bioderversity- a glimpse, pg 33-38, 2016

Completed projects: 08 (as PI: 06; as Co PI: 2)

  1. Pharmacological evaluation of some indigenous variety of citrus fruits of Northeastern region of India – a biomolecular approach. Sponsored by ICMR, NewDelhi, Govt of India, Rs 14 lakh as PI.
  2. Identification and characterization of bio-active molecules from some indigenous medicinal plants of NE region of India with special reference to antioxidant and hypolipidemic properties. Sponsored by DBT, New Delhi, Govt of India, Rs 78.42 lakh (approx) as PI.
  3. Study of the effect of leaf extracts of ClerodendroncolebrookianumWalp (Nefafu) on lipid peroxidation, lipid profile and antioxidant status in cholesterol fed rat.Funded by ICMR, GoI, New Delhi Total approved cost (in lakh) 9.36 as PI.
  4. Evaluation of antioxidant property of some selected fruits of North East India-a      biochemical approach funded by DST, GoI, New Delhi. Total approved cost (in lakh)      45 as PI.
  5. Evaluation of antioxidant activity of sericin, a waste product of muga silk fibre of Assam Funded by DST, New Delhi (In house project).
  6. Androgen receptor mediated drug development to treat Prostate Cancer Funded by DBT, New Delhi, Govt of India, Rs 2 crore (approx) as Co- PI.
  7. Exploration of actinomycetes in soil of protected forest areas of Assam for antioxidant     activity and its potential application against bacterial and fungal pathogen Sponsored byICMR, New Delhi, Govt of India, Rs  9  lakh as  Co-PI.
  8. Chemical profiling of Joha and black rice of NER for Nutritional, Nutraceuticalparamters and aromatic compounds, Funded by DBT, New Delhi, Govt of India as PI.

Ongoing project: 03 (as PI:2; as  Co-PI: 1)

  1. Integrating herbal medicine of NER with contemporary approaches to develop therapeutic strategies for metabolic syndrome. Funded by DBT, New Delhi, Govt of India as Co-PI.
  2. Development and Elucidation of mechanism of action of herbs to treat Diabetic neuropathic pain. Funded by DBT, New Delhi, Govt of India as PI.
  3. Characterization of high value phytochemicals of anti-diabetic and immunomodulatory properties in North Eastern banana varieties Funded by DBT, New Delhi, Govt of India as PI.

Research Supervision/Guideship

Ph.D awarded:  6 Ph.D Registered:  4 Training offered: 18
Ms. Tiluttama Mudoi Ms. SwarnaliBhattacharyjee (A)  Undergraduate level training:   06
Mr. Dulal Chandra Baruah Ms. ParamitaChoudhary (B)  Master’s level training:   06
Mr. Rahul Sarma Ms. Udeshna Bayan
Ms. Sima Kumari Ms. Puspanjali Khound
Ms. Himadri Kalita    
Ms. MeetaliDeori Ph.D Thesis Submitted  
Ms. Ankita Hazarika  

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