Dr. Gautam Choudhury

Research :-

My area of research is Queueing theory is a branch of Stochastic Modelling , which falls under the umbrella of Stochastic Process. In this context, some important investigations have been made on basically main three sub aria of queueing theory viz-

  • Queues with Vacation Models.
  • Retrial Queueing Models.
  • Control of Queues related to Optimization Problems

All of these models have potential applications to Industrial Engineering, Digital Communication Systems and Tale Communication Systems. Most of these works have been with my research scholars and collaborative manner with different research workers of within the country as well as research workers of different counties.


Academic :-

  • B.Sc.in Statistics (Honours) (1987)
  • M.Sc. in Statistics (1989)
  • Ph.D. in Statistics (1998)


  • Assistant Professor (1998-2002)
  • Assistant Professor senior grade (2002-2007)
  • Associate Professor-I (2007-2011)
  • Associate Professor-II (2011 onwards


  1. Diganta Gogoi Memeorial Award for the academic year 1988 89.
  2. V.D.Thawani Award for securing first position in M.Sc. Final examination for Academic year 1989 90.
  3. Secured Gold Madel for the year 1989.

Publications :-

  1. Research Paper published in Reffeed journals 80.+4 (accepted for publication ) ( List of publications enclosed herewith separately )
  2. Research Paper published in Books / Conference proceedings 5. 4. Technology Developed

Project: – 2 (Completed)

  1. Studies on Some Batch Arrival Queueing Models with Vacations, Funded National Board for Higher Mathematics (DAE), Government of India (2002 -2005). Principal Investigator: Gautam Choudhury
  2. Studies on Some Retrial Models with Two Phases of Service, Funded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India (2006 -2009).
    Principal Investigator: Gautam Choudhury.


  1. Mrs.Mitali Deka (Research Scholar)
  2. Priyanka kalita (Research Scholar)
  3. Snigdha Mahanta (Research Scholar)


Editorial Activity :

  1. Editorial Board Member of  Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, (Pushpa Publishing House, Allahabad ) (1998  2013).
  2. Guest Editor of  Quality Technology and Quatitative Management for the special issue Management for Queueing Control , FCU Press, Taiwan ( Vol.- 8, No.- 3 , September 2011 )
  3. (Editorial Board Member of  Applied Mathematical Modelling (Elsevier) ( Since 2012 )
  4. Editorial Board Member of  Journal of Assam Academy of Mathematic ( Since 2013)
  5. Revier of Mathematical Reviews ( Review journal of American Mathematical Society ),(Since 2004).