Meeting of the Director, IASST with the honourable Chief Minister of Assam

On 22 July 2023, Prof. Ashis K. Mukherjee, the Director of IASST, discussed significantly with the honorable Chief Minister of Assam Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, at Janata Bhavan. Dr. D. Goswami, Registrar of IASST, also participated in the discussion.
During the meeting, Prof. Mukherjee had the privilege of presenting the recent developments and achievements of IASST and his vision for advancing IASST as a leading center of scientific excellence, research, and innovation in the region and beyond.
To mark this prestigious occasion, a noteworthy memento representing the Kamakhya Temple, engraved in plasma-coated bell metal, a technology that has been developed and patented at IASST, was presented to the CM. The in-depth exchange of ideas and perspectives during the meeting demonstrated IASST’s strong commitment to progress and development, aiming to contribute meaningfully to advancing knowledge and societal well-being.
Prof. Mukherjee sincerely thanks the honorable Chief Minister of Assam for his wholehearted support for developing IASST since its inception. The CM also assured the Director to extend all the possible support for the progress of IASST.