Invited talk by Professor Professor Pritam Deb on 19-07-2021

Professor Pritam Deb, presently Professor of Department of Physics and Chair Professor of IPR Cell, Tezpur University delivered a talk entitled “Magnetism in Meso to Quantum dimension:  New questions, New Directions and Some probable solutions” at IASST on 19-072021. He has highlighted recent advances in the understanding of structure-property correlation in the responsive structures. Controlled assembly formation of magnetic nanoparticles into secondary nanostructures refers to an emerging bottom-up approach for constructing new functional materials. These secondary nanostructures show unforeseen collective, and modified magnetic properties in contrast to their constituting nanoparticles. The effect of interparticle interaction in the so-developed assembly structures in modifying the collective magnetic properties has been highlighted.

Prof. Deb is internationally credited for his contributions in the field of nanotechnology, and molecular imaging encompassing innovative materials. Recently he has been awarded prestigious Visitor’s award for developing two-dimensional heterostructure based biodegradable film for food packaging.