In-house talk by Dr. (Mrs) Rajlakshmi Devi, Associate Professor and HOD, LSD

Dr. (Mrs) Rajlakshmi Devi, Associate Professor and HOD, Life Sciences division delivered a lecture in the lecture series “Talks by Scientist at AI” on 28th June, 2021 on the topic  “Traditional knowledge to drug development: Research and key challenges”. She discussed the important role played by traditional knowledge in the development of new drugs which is the need of the hour considering the tremendous side effects associated with synthetic drugs. She further emphasized the reuse of agricultural waste material like pseudo-stem of banana for production of medical device like “suture material” and processing as bio-fertilizer. She also shared some initiatives taken by IASST to educate and train farmers from two villages of Kamrup District of Assam how to effectively use banana plant as a source of income to sustain their livelihood. Her enthusiasm for the topic really showed through her lecture and the presentation was well-organized and engaging.

Snapshot of the lecture on 29th June 2021

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