Agreement for transfer of Know-how on Production of Red wine from Black rice

The northeast (NE) India is a vibrant hotspot of ethnic diversity with rich cultural practices. With more than 300 ethnic communities, NE India is a place for more than 150 different types of fermented foods and beverages. The traditionally prepared rice beverage is indispensable part of dietary culture of the people of NE India. Beyond basic nutrition, they have been known to confer health benefits like immune modulation, improved digestion and reduces the risk of metabolic disorders. However, due to lack of scientific interventions and commercialization, the availability of the beverage with ethnic flavor and taste remains confined to a smaller fraction of population. In this regard, IASST has taken a noble initiative to bring such artisanal drinks to the supermarkets with technical collaboration with Golden Beverages. The process was optimized in the laboratory of Dr. Mojibur R. Khan along with his research scholars Mr. Bhuwan Bhaskar and Dr. Atanu Adak. Rice beverage prepared from black rice of Manipur is rich in antioxidant content (Cyanidin and Delphinidin) and is organoleptically identical to red wine. Today, on this gracious occasion, Professor Ashis K. Mukherjee, Director, IASST has officially transferred this novel technology by signing a MoU with Golden Beverages represented by Mr. Hamendra Chandra Das and Dr. Rahul Deori, for pilot scale production of this rice-beverage. This will boost the economy of the region by providing jobs to unemployed youths of the region.