A Pledge for Integrity and a Clarion Call Against Corruption: IASST Observes Vigilance Awareness Week

Guwahati, 30th October: In observance of Vigilance Awareness Week from 30th October to 5th November 2023, the Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology marked the occasion with an Integrity Pledge and a particular address on 30th October. IASST remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all its actions.
To underscore the unwavering commitment to the promotion of integrity and the relentless combatting of corruption, and as an integral part of the observance, the solemn pledge-taking ceremony was administered by Professor Ashis Kr. Mukherjee, the Director of IASST. This session drew participation from all employees, staff, and esteemed faculty members of IASST.
Following this significant event, the subsequent session featured a profound and enlightening special address delivered by Shri Mukesh Sahay, IPS (Retd.), a former Director General of Assam Police. In his speech, he underscored the importance of vigilance and unwavering integrity, particularly in the public interest. Mr. Sahay’s words served as a compelling reminder of the critical role of integrity in maintaining the public’s trust and the ethical underpinning of a just and corruption-free society.

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