Dr. Neelotpal Sen Sarma

AREA OF EXPERTISE [SENSORS and High value Polymers]

The main focus of my Ph.D work relies on the utilization of cost effective and environmentally benign materials together with simple synthetic route with low fabrication cost for the development of sensors

Material development

  1. Surface modification of nanomaterials
  2. Synthesis of graft polymers
  3. Synthesis of conjugates
  4. Development of nanocomposites, supramolecular nano-bio hybrids etc


  1. Environmental monitoring
  2. Biomedical applications
  3. Homeland security


M.Sc. D.U., Dibrugarh 1986 Chemistry (Org.)
Pet. Tech. D.U., Dibrugarh 1988 Refining & Petrochemicals
M. Tech. IISc, Bangalore 1993 Instrumentation
Ph.D. D.U., Dibrugarh 2001 Polymer Chemistry


Dec. 2015- till to date            Asso. Professor (II)                   IASST, MSD/PSD, Guwahati

Dec. 2011- Dec. 2015             Asso. Professor (I)                    IASST, MSD/PSD, Guwahati

Oct. 2007- Nov. 2011             Asstt. Professor (II)                  IASST, MSD/PSD, Guwahati

May 2002 – Sept. 2007           Asstt. Professor (I)                   IASST, MSD/PSD, Guwahati


Current membership of Professional bodies, technical Committees, Societies, Academics etc.

  1. Life Member Assam Science Society
  2. Life Member Solid State Ionics Society of India
  3. Life Member Prof. Sukumar Maity Foundation.

Awards Received:

Best researcher award among IASST Assistant Professors / Associate Professor-I category for the year 2011-12.

Published Paper :

Few Selected Publications  


  1. Bandita Kalita, Bedanta Gogoi, and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Cholesterol-Aminoacid Conjugates Treated Filter Paper based Photoluminescence Indicator for Nitroaromatic Chemicals, Materials Research Bulletin, 115 (2019) 211–218 (IF: 2.873)
  2. Gautomi Gogoi, Smruti R. Sahoo, Basanta Kumar Rajbongshi, Sridhar Sahu, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Sagar Sharma, New types of organic semiconductors based on diketopyrrolopyrroles and 2,1,3-benzochalcogenadiazoles: a computational study, Journal of Molecular Modeling, (2019) 25:42 (IF: 1.507)
  3. Samiran Upadhyaya, Rajumani Sarma, Abdul Barik, and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Development of Bright Fluorescent Poly(1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone-co-acrylonitrile) and Its Polysalts with HCl and HNO3: Materials for Solid State Electrical Applications, Advances in Polymer Technology, 2019, Article ID 1470196, 12 pages (IF: 2.073)


  1. Sudesna Chakravarty, Bedanta Gogoi, Biman B. Mandal, Nandana Bhardwaj and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Silk fibroin as a platform for dual sensing of vitamin B12 using photoluminescence and electrical techniques, Biosensors and Bioelectronic, 2018; 112, 18–22 (IF: 7.780)


  1. Sudesna Chakravarty, Arpan Datta and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, An electrical solid-state sulphur dioxide vapour sensor based on a polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde composite, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017; 5, 2871 – 2882 (IF: 5.066)


  1. Sudesna Chakravarty, Nandana Bhardwaj, Biman B. Mandal and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Silk fibroin–carbon nanoparticle composite scaffolds: a cost effective supramolecular ‘turn off’ chemiresistor for nitroaromatic explosive vapours, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2016; 4, 8920 – 8929 (IF: 5.066)
  2. Sudesna Chakravarty, Priyanka Dutta, Sanjeeb Kalita and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, PVA-based nanobiosensor for ultrasensitive detection of folic acid by fluorescence quenching, Sensors and Actuators B 232 (2016) 243–250 (IF: 4.286)
  3. Dilip Saikia, Priyanka Dutta, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Nirab Chandra Adhikary, CdTe/ZnS core/shell quantum dot-based ultrasensitive PET sensor for selective detection of Hg (II) in aqueous media, Sensors and Actuators B 230 (2016) 149–156 (IF: 4.286)
  4. Priyanka Dutta, Sudesna Chakravarty, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Detection Of Nitroaromatic Explosives Using Π- Electron Rich Luminescent Polymeric Nanocomposites, RSC Advances, 2016; 6, 3680-3689 (IF: 3.708) 


  1. Priyanka Dutta, Dilip Saikia, Nirab Chandra Adhikary, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Macromolecular Systems with MSA capped CdTe and CdTe/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots as Superselective and Ultrasensitive Optical Sensors for Picric Acid Explosive, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015; 7 (44), 24778−24790 (IF: 6.723)
  2. Bedanta Gogoi, Niloy Paul, Devasish Chowdhury and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Instant detection of picric acid vapour by developing layer by layer polymer detectors and an electronic prototype, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015; 3, 11081-11089 (IF: 5.066)
  3. Anna Gogoi and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Conductivity study of poly(acrylonitrile-co-2-vinylpyridine) complexed with vinyl acetic acid and 4-pentenoic acid, Ionics, 2015; 22(1), 77-84 (IF: 1.836)
  4. Bedanta Gogoi and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Poly-glycerol Acrylate and Curcumin Composite: Its Dual Emission Fluorescence Quenching and Electrical Properties for Sensing 2-vinyl pyridine, Journal of Materials Science, 2015; 50 (23), 7647-7659 (IF: 2.371)
  5. Priyanka Dutta, Bandita Kalita, Bedanta Gogoi and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Development of Macroporous co-Polyesters of Glyceryl Methacrylate with Acrylonitrile and Styrene for Electrical Sensing of Ammonia Vapor, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2015; 119 (30), 17260-17270 (IF: 4.772)
  6. Bedanta Gogoi and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Curcumin–Cysteine and Curcumin–Tryptophan Conjugate as Fluorescence Turn On Sensors for Picric Acid in Aqueous Media, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015; 7, 11195−11202 (IF: 6.723)
  7. Anna Gogoi and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Solid State Ionic Conductivity of 2-Vinylpyridine – Acrylonitrile Copolymer and its Hydroiodide and Hydrofluoride salts, Ionics, 2015; 21, 2543-2549 (IF: 1.836)
  8. Sudesna Chakravarty, Bedanta Gogoi, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Fluorescent probes for detection of picric acid explosive: A greener approach, Journal of Luminescence, 2015; 165: 6–14 (IF: 2.719)
  9. Priyanka Dutta, Narendra Nath Dass, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Stimuli responsive carbon nanocomposite hydrogels with efficient conducting properties as a precursor to bioelectronics, 2015, Reactive & Functional Polymers, 2015; 90: 25–35 (IF: 2.822)
  10. Anna Gogoi and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Improvement in Ionic Conductivities of Poly-(2-vinylpyridine) by Treatment with Crotonic acid and Vinyl acetic acid, Bulletin of Materials Science, 2015; 38 (3), 797-803 (IF: 1.017)


  1. Sudesna Chakravarty, Dilip Saikia, Priyanka Sharma, Nirab Chandra Adhikary, Debajit Thakur and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, A supramolecular nanobiological hybrid as a PET sensor for bacterial DNA isolated from Streptomyces sanglieri, Analyst, 2014; 139 (24): 6502 – 6510 (IF: 4.107)


  1. Bedanta Gogoi and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Enhanced fluorescence quenching of hemin detected by a novel polymer of curcumin, RSC Advances, 2013; 3: 7747–7750 (IF: 3.708)
  2. Priyanka Dutta, Narendra Nath Dass, Devasish Chowdhury and Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Oil-sorbent to hydrosorbent switching in Poly-9-octadecenylacrylate and Poly-9-octadecenylacrylate/Au nanocomposites, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2013; 225: 202-209 (IF: 3.681)
  3. Bedanta Gogoi, Priyanka Dutta, Niloy Paul, Narendra N. Dass, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Polycurcumin acrylate and Polycurcumin methacrylate: Novel bio-based polymers for explosive chemical sensor, Sensors and Actuators B, 2013; 181: 144–152 (IF: 3.898)
  4. Priyanka Dutta, Bedanta Gogoi, Narendra Nath Dass, Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Efficient organic solvent and oil sorbent co-polyesters: Poly-9-octadecenylacrylate/ methacrylate with 1-hexene, Reactive & Functional Polymers, 2013; 73: 457-464 (IF: 2.727)
  5. Samiul Hoque, Narendra Dass, Krishna G. Bhattacharyya & Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Synthesis, characterization and conducting properties of sulfonated poly and copolymer of cholesteryl 4-pentenoate with 1-hexene, Journal of Sulfur Chemistry, 2013; 34(5): 450–457 (IF: 1.009)
  6. Samiul Hoque, Narendra Dass, Krishna G. Bhattacharyya & Neelotpal Sen Sarma, Liquid crystalline behaviors of polycholesterylmethacrylate and poly(cholesterylmethacrylate co-1-hexene), their synthesis and characterization, Polymer-Plastic Technology and Engineering, 2013; 52 (3): 236-242 (IF: 1.279)


 Patent granted

  1. Sen Sarma Neelotpal, Dass Narendra Nath, Chetri Prafulla, “A water soluble polyelectrolyte poly-2-vinyl pyridine hydroiodic acid”. Indian Patent No. 256468, Application No. 1350/KOL/2006 granted on 20-06-2013.
  2. Sen Sarma Neelotpal, Dass Narendra Nath, Chutia Joyanti, Hoque Samiul, “Development of Thermistor device from the Liquid Crystalline Polymers”. Indian Patent No. 296096 applied under the DIT project “Development of Liquid Crystalline Polymers”. Application No. 1503/DEL/2011 dt.25/05/2011 granted on 25-04-2018.

Patent applied

  1. Sen Sarma, Neelotpal, Chowdhury Devasish, Paul Niloy, Gogoi  Bedanta, “Polymer Based Sensor Device for Sensing Nitroaromatic Compounds”.  Application No. 3613/DEL/2014 dt.09/12/2014. A 20160831
  2. Devi Arundhuti, Sarma Khanindra, Sarma Neelotpal Sen, Synthesis Of Zno Nanoparticle And Its Application For The Treatment Of Waste Water Contaminated By Hydrocarbons, Application No.201931005321 A, Publication Date : 15/03/2019

Project Completed as Principal Investigator

  1. Project entitled“Development of Polymer Based Sensors”, Funded by MCIT, Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) Project cost: Rs. 79.71 Lakhs, Duration- (2011-2014)
  2. Project entitled“Development of Liquid Crystalline Polymers”, Funded by MCIT, Department of Information Technology, DIT, Govt. of India. Project cost: Rs. 25.4 Lakhs, Duration- (2006-2010)
  3. Project entitled“Conductivities of polymeric materials in Solid state”, Funded by DST, Govt. of India,  Project cost: Rs. 13.47 Lakhs, Duration- (2004-2007)

Project Completed as Co-Principal Investigator

  1. Project entitled “Development of proton exchange membrane for fuel cell by plasma process”, Funded by Ministry of new and Renewable Energy, Government of India, Project cost: Rs. 58.90 Lakh, Duration – (2010-1013)
  2. Project entitled“Phytoremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil of Upper Assam”, Funded by: Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, Project Cost: Rs.13.22 Lakh, Duration: 3 years (2007-2010)
  3. Project entitled“Study of Polymeric Foam and their uses in Laser-Plasma Experiments”, Funded by DAE, Govt. of India, Project cost: Rs. 30.89 Lakhs, Duration- (2005-2009)

Research Group:

Ph.D Students

  1. Bandita Kalita, SRF
    Area of Research: Polymer Nanocomposite and Sensors
  2. Samiran Upadhyaya, SRF
    Area of Research: Polymer and nano based materials
  3. Gautami Gogoi, Project Assistant
    Area of Research: Organic Semiconductor

   Past Members

  1. Samiul Hoque, Technical Officer, IST, Gauhati University
  2. Priyanka Dutta, Postdoctoral position at University of Bordeaux, France
  3. Anna Gogoi, Assistant Professor, Gargaon College
  4. Bedanta Gogoi, Postdoctoral position in the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  5. SudesnaChakravarty, Postdoctoral position at the Laboratory of Biochip Technology, Yonsei University, South Korea
  6. Md. Abdul Barik, N-PDF, SERB, DST
  1. CSIR-JRF/UGC-JRF qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for Ph.D.
  2. NET-LS qualified candidates with a very good academic record are encouraged to apply for Ph.D subject to their qualification of entrance test conducted by IASST.
  3. M.Tech students (Polymer science and nanotechnology) with valid GATE score card are encouraged to apply.
  4. B.Sc final year (Chemistry) and M.Sc (Chemistry) within top 10% of university are encouraged to apply for six months internship. [Scholarships are available for selected candidates]
  5. CSIR-RA/Women scientists/ DST-fast track/ PDFs are encouraged to apply based on their own project proposal.

Note: In our lab, we believe in liberty of work, so a 1000 words write up should be submitted to me in the field of my expertise i.e. Sensors if you are interested to do research work under me.

Contact: dr[dot]neelot[at]gmail[dot]com