Area of Expertise – Biophysics and Material Science

Brief Profile:

To introduce myself, in short, I have completed my Bachelor degree in Physics from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai followed by Master’s degree in Physics from University of Madras, Chennai. My research during my master’s thesis was focused on the topic “Monte Carlo Simolations of Motor Proteins” under the guidance of Prof. S.V. M. Satyanarayana, Pondicherry University. Thereafter I moved to do experimental studies at CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai for my doctoral thesis and completed in April 2014. My Ph.D work is in the area of Biophysics on “Modolating Conformation and Organization of Protein Assemblies through Interfacial Rheology”. Although, my major expertise includes the protein/peptide self-assembly, but I am also practiced with the synthesis of nanomaterials for various applications. Later, I continued my research with the DST INSPIRE Facolty award, by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India at National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli. Apart from teaching, I have guided 6 M.Tech students for their year-long projects at NIT Tiruchirappalli, and trained several students in the area of biophysics. I have published around 29 research articles in international journals (including 4 single author papers), out of which my contribution is in 21 articles as first/corresponding author.

Briefly, I have been working on the following topics:

  1. Biophysics: Protein-Protein/Protein-Lipid/Protein-Ionic liquid interactions, Protein colloids, Protein glycation, Interfacial rheology to study visco-elastic properties of proteins.
  2. Soft condensed matter: Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of bio-molecoles – proteins, lipids and polymers, Self-assembled Monolayers, Giant unilamellar vesicles.
  3. Bio-nanotechnology: Ionic liquid driven synthesis of nanocrystalline materials and their application as gas sensors.

1. Self-assembly in Proteins

Self-assembly of proteins and relating conformation, organization of proteins at the nanoscale, to macroscopic rheological indicators like viscosity and elasticity is my major area of work. Using different classes of ionic liquids, native as well as non-native conformational states via their self-assembly, for different classes of proteins like myoglobin, fibrinogen and β-lactoglobolin has been identified and correlated with rheological indicators. In this process, we have studied the effect of ionic liquids for their effective use to protect against urea induced denaturation in proteins. During my tenure as DST INSPIRE Facolty, I have been working on Myosin molecolar motors. Further work is underway to analyse the mechanism of phosphate binding to ATP binding site of the native/glycated protein and suitable inhibitors for myosin aggregation in glycated states and the associated interfacial rheology of these proteins.

Ref. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2020; RSC Advances, 2016; AIP Advances, 2016; Biointerphases, 2015; JPCB, 2012; JPCB, 2010.

2. Self-assembly in Lipids

I have worked on various problems in the area of self-assembly of lipids and lipid-protein/small molecole interactions including:

  1. Phenylalanine (L- Phe) aggregation and its organized assemblies seem to play an important role in the amyloid structures associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and also Type II Diabetes. Interaction of L-Phe with Langmuir-Blodgett films of different lipids have shown that even low concentrations of L-Phe (60 μM) can lead to the formation of fibrils and its aggregation can be tuned by varying charge and hydrophobicity of the surface.
  2. Studies on the conformational transitions in protein Cytochrome C while interacting with cationic lipids, which show that this process triggers helix to beta transitions in the protein due to water entrainment near the polar planes of the lipid.
  3. Comparing shear viscosity of amino acids (AA) encapsolated in the vesicles with freely flowing AA in solution near bilayers; a hydropathy scale for AA was obtained and related with the existing hydropathy scales.

Ref. Soft Materials, 2015; RSC Advances, 2014; Appl. Surf. Sci, 2013; Colloids and Surfaces B, 2012; BBA Biomembranes, 2011.

3. Ionic liquid driven self-assembly in nanomaterials

I have carried out ‘green route’ synthesis of inorganic nanostructures, based on the “bio-mineralization” capability and self-assembly of the protein and lipids. We have synthesized NiO nanoparticles using protein capsoles of fibrinogen and giant unilamellar vesicles. Ionic liquid doped protein β-lactoglobolin has exhibited less aggregated NiO nanoclusters. Ionic liquid tunes the anatase & rutile phases of TiO2 nanoparticles with good ammonia sensing. Polymer membranes using polysolfone/cellolose acetate incorporating ionic liquids show enhanced gas sensing for ammonia at room temperature.

Ref. J. Mol. Liquids, 2020; ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2019, RSC Advances, 2017, Int. J. Nanoscience, 2014; Colloids & Surfaces A, 2012; J. Colloid and Interface Science, 2010.


Assistant Professor – Biophysics
Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology, (An Autonomous Institute under DST, Govt. of India), Guwahati, Assam, India.
Aug. 2019 – Till date
  NIT Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India.
 May 2014 –Aug. 2019



Ph.D. in Physics – Chemistry
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute (University of Madras), Chennai, India.
Thesis title: Modulating Conformation and Organization of Protein Assemblies through Interfacial Rheology.
M.Sc. in Physics
University of Madras, Chennai, India.
B.Sc. in Physics
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India.

Current membership of Professional bodies, technical Committees, Societies, Academics etc.

  1. Life Member Indian Biophysical Society

Awards Received:

  1. Selected for Regional Level for National Bio-entrepreneurship Competition by C-CAMP and BREC-BIRAC – 2019.
  2. DST – INSPIRE Faculty award – 2014.
  3. DST & CICS Travel Grant to attend 25th European Colloid and Interface Society Conference at Berlin, Germany – 2011.
  4. CSIR – Senior Research Fellow – 2011.
  5. The V. Rama Ayyangar Endowment Scholarship for ranking 1st in PG – 2006.
  6. National Merit Scholarship, Issued by Government of India, through Directorate of Collegiate Education, Chennai – 2000.

Selected Workshops / Schools Participated

  1. Participated in ‘Water Challenges during and post Covid-19’ webinar series organized by IIT Madras and International Centre for Clean Water, Chennai (7-28 May 2020).
  2. Participated in Virtual Symposium: Systems Chemistry, Organized by Advanced Science Research Centre, City University of New York in connection with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Weizmann Institute of Science, Emory University, University of Groningen, Johns Hopkins University (15-18 May 2020).
  3. Two days Training Program on Innovations & Entrepreneurship, Organized by: BIRAC Regional Techno-Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre (BRTC) at IASST, Guwhati (25-26 February 2020).
  4. Organizing Committee Member for the DBT Welcome trust sponsored Science Explorer Series for the Northeast at IASST, Guwahati (28 Nov. 2019).
  5. Participated in “Brainstorming conclave on “Transforming North East India Through S&T interventions” organized by NECTAR, Govt. of India (20 Nov. 2019).
  6. Participated and successfully completed ‘Hands on training workshop’ on “Basic Cell Culture Technology” at National Centre for Cell Science, Pune (14-17 May 2018).
  7. Chairperson and Organizing Committee Member in “International Conference on Desalination (InDaCON-2018)” at NIT Trichy (20-21 April 2018).
  8. Participated in GIAN Workshop on “Understanding Nanotechnology and Engineering Nanomaterials for Diverse Technological Applications” at NIT Trichy (18-22 December, 2017).
  9. Participated in “International Conference in Frontiers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”, at SASTRA University, Thanjavur (26-28 February, 2016).

Selected Presentations in Meetings and Conferences

Novel materials to combat Covid-19 Organized by Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (10 June 2020).
Global Bounce Back Webinar.
Invited Talk
Multi-tasking Ionic Liquids for Applications in Nanomaterials and Sensors. (12-13 February, 2020)
UKIERI Workshop at IIT Guwahati.
Oral Presentation
Stall Exhibitor on behalf of IASST, Guwahati (3-7 Jan. 2020).
Indian Science Congress, Bengaluru.
Stall Exhibitor
Stall Exhibitor on behalf of IASST, Guwahati (5-8 Nov. 2019).
India International Science Festival, Kolkata.
Stall Exhibitor
Selected for Regional Level for National Bio-entrepreneurship Competition at Kolkata (4th November, 2019).
Ionic liquid induced phase transition in titanium dioxide nanoparticles for room temperature ammonia sensing, International conference on Materials & Technologies for Energy Conversion and Storage (M-TECS 2018), (26-29 September, 2018).
BARC, Mumbai, India.
Progress Report on “Role of Interfacial Rheology in Myosin-actin Interactions”, INSPIRE Faculty Monitoring-cum-Interaction Meet, (10-11 February, 2017).
Chandigarh University, Mohali, India.
“Interfacial Rheology of Biomacromolecular Assemblies” on behalf of Indian Society for Radiation Physics – Kalpakkam Chapter, (3 March, 2015).
IGCAR, Kalpakkam.
Invited Talk
“Biotemplated Nanomaterials” in the Workshop on ‘Applications of Nanotechnology’, Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering (31 October, 2014).
NIT Trichy.
Invited Talk
Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan, Interfacial Rheology: Role in Biomolecular Assemblies (29 April, 2013).
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Invited talk
Controlling assembly of phenylalanine in Langmuir-Blodgett films and supported lipid bilayers (8-10 February, 2013).
Chennai Chemistry Conference
Stability and structure of myoglobin in amino acid ionic liquid phase: Role of viscosity in self-assembly processes” in 25th European Colloid and Interface Society Conference, Berlin, Germany (4-9 September, 2011).
TU Berlin and MPI Potsdam, Germany


Journal Publications

AuthorsTitleJournalVol. & Page No.IFYear
Priya Mehta, Seenuvasan Vedachalam, Gopal Sathyaraj, Somenath Garai, Gangasalam Arthanareeswaran*,  Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan*  ( Corresponding Author )Fast Sensing Ammonia at Room Temperature with Proline Ionic Liquid Incorporated Cellulose Acetate Membranes.J. Mol. Liquids    Vol. 305, 1128204.5612020
Anamika Sindhu, Kavya Bhakuni,  Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan*,  Pannuru Venkatesu*. (Corresponding Author)Implications of Imidazolium based Ionic Liquids as Refolding Additives for Urea-induced denatured Serum AlbuminsACS Sustainable Chemistry & EngineeringVol. 8, 6046.972020
Soumya Joy, Gargi Rastogi,  Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan* .  (Corresponding Author)Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol using Ionic Liquid Stabilized TiO 2  NanoparticlesMaterials Research ExpressVol. 6, 1150591.4492019
B. Sasikumar, G. Arthanareeswaran,  Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan , K. Jeyadheepan.Synthesis and formation of phase tuned TiO 2  and ionic liquid incorporated polymeric membranes for ammonia sensing at room temperatureACS Sustainable Chemistry & EngineeringVol. 7, 15884.6.972019
K.Roja, Priya Mehta, C. Gopalakrishnan, K. Jeyadheepan, N. Meenakshisundaram,  Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan* .  (Corresponding Author)Bio synthesized Silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial agents and photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue.Desalination and Water TreatmentVol. 156, 292.1.3832019
U. Selvakumari,  Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan , K. Amutha.Functional characterization of bioactive peptide derived from terrestrial snail Cryptozona bistrialis and its wound healing property in normal and diabetic induced Wistar albino rats.International Wound JournalVol. 15, 350.2.382018
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Research Interests

  1. My group is aiming to work on specific interactions between proteins and unique class of nanomaterials in appraising protein self-assembly in Parkinson’s disease.
  2. My group is aiming to develop suitable biomaterials for a variety of applications including sensors.
  3. I am interested in understanding the self-assembly of proteins/lipids in the broad context. In particular, I am keen to understand this process when exposed to plasma radiation, specifically for biomedical applications in collaboration with Prof. H. Bailung, IASST.

Project Completed as Principal Investigator

  1. DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award: Employed by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India under the topic ‘Role of Interfacial Rheology in Protein-Protein Interactions’
  2. Host Institutes: NIT Tiruchirappalli, Trichy and DST-IASST, Guwahati.
  3. Project Cost: 8.5 million INR
  4. Duration: May 2014 – May 2020

Research Group at IASST

  1. Parismita Kalita – Ph.D. – Co-guiding with Prof. H. Bailung
  2. Monika Narzary – M.Sc. Physics – Completed

Past Members at NIT Trichy

Name and Reg. No. of the student Title of the project Year Status
Ms. Priya Mehta
Amino acid ionic liquid-based polymer membranes for gas sensing applications 2018-19 FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. K. Roja
Synthesis and characterization of Silver nanoparticles for photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes 2017-18 FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Sameeha Mohamed Sali (202315001) Role of ionic liquids on the gas sensing properties of TiO2 nanoparticles 2016-17 Capegemini India Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Miji EJ
Synthesis and characterization of NiO nanoparticles using bio-templates for ammonia sensing 2016-17 Research Scholar IIT Bombay
Ms. Soumya Joy
Synthesis and Characterization of Phase tuned TiO2 as photocatalyst and Sensors 2015-16 Junior Engineer, Ingerem India
Ms. Gargi Rastogi (202314004) Electrochemical analysis of broken chloroplast as bio-electrolytes 2015-16 Patent Analyst, IPNeeti, Noida




  1. Prof. Reinhard Miller, MPI for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany.
  2. Prof.  Michael Gradzielski, Technical University, Berlin, Germany.
  3. Prof. Ehud Gazit, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  4. Prof. Alexander Buell, Denmark Technical University, Denmark.
  5. Prof. Arul Murugan, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
  6. Prof. David Beattie, University of South Australia, Australia.


  1. Prof. H. Bailung, Physical Science Division, IASST, Guwahati.
  2. Prof. Pannuru Venkatesu, Department of Chemistry, Delhi University, Delhi.
  3. Prof. Souvik Maiti, Nucleic Acid Biophysics, CSIR-IGIB, Delhi.
  4. Prof. G. Arthanareeswaran, Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Trichy, Tamilnadu.
  5. Dr. Somenath Garai, Department of Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.


Interested candidates under the following categories may contact me through email with your CVs.

  1. CSIR-RA/Women scientists/ SERB-NPDF are encouraged to apply.
  2. CSIR-JRF/UGC-JRF qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for Ph.D.
  3. B.Sc. final year (Physics/Chemistry) and M.Sc. (Physics/Bio-Physics/Chemistry) are encouraged to apply for internship and final semester project work.

Contact: kamatchi[dot]sankaran[at]