Dr.Joyanti Chutia

Research Interests (Plasma Science & Technology)

Nonlinear dynamics in plasmas: Waves and Instabilities, Sheath, Chaotic Phenomena.

Plasma processing:Metal Oxide Deposition, Plasma Polymerization, Proton Exchange Membrane for Fuel Cell, Nanocomposite Solar Cell, Biomaterials Developed by Plasma Process. Planar Magnetron Sputtering, Post Magnetron Sputtering by DC and RF Source.

Educational qualification     :

B.Sc. (Major in Physics)                     1967                Gauhati University

MSc. (Physics)                                     1969                Dibrugarh University

Ph. D (Solid State Physics)                 1981                Dibrugarh University

Scientific Employment and Academic responsibility:


Research Institution or          Period of duty             Research Institution or                                  University                               from-to                        University                  

a) Duliajan College, Dib.           1971-1976                   Teaching Physics to                                               India                                                                Graduate  Classes.

b) Dibrugarh University,            1976-1980              Doing Research work for Ph. D                                 India                                                       as a UGC fellow.

c) Dibrugarh University,             1981-1983              CSIR Post doctoral fellow.


d) Plasma Physics Program         1983-1985                   Visiting Scientist doing                            PRL, Ahmedabad, India                                      Experimental Plasma research.

e)  Institute of Advanced Study  1985-1986                          Research Associate

in Science &Technology                                    Setting up  Plasma Laboratory.

(IASST), Guwahati, India

f)  IASST, Guwahati, India         1986-1992                 Assistant professor

g) Institute of Space and          March 1988-              Research on non-linear                               Astronautical Science,          November 1988          Phenomena  in Plasma


h) IASST, Guwahati, India.        March 1992-                Associate Professor,

February 2000

i) Christain Albreicht                  10 March 1997-           Visiting Scientist under

University , Germany                  10 April ’97                 Indo-German Exchange

Program in Keil University,                                                                                            Germany.

j) IASST, Guwahati, India         March 2000-                Professor & Head

September 2005

k)  IASST, Guwahati, India         October 2005-         Director, IASST

August 2012


l) IASST, Guwahati, India         01 August 2012-                  Emeritus Scientist



No. of Ph. D. Guided: 15 received Ph.D. Three more have registered for Ph. D.

Awards/Certificates/Foreign assignment:

1.  Attended Spring College Course in Polymer Science, 1980 at ICTP, Trieste,

2. Visiting Scientist at the Institute for Space and Astronautical Science, Japan for one                      year [Centre of Excellence (COE), Visiting Scientist, 1988].

3.   Fellowship from Indian National Science Academy for Indo-German exchange                             Programme in Kiel University for two months in 1997.

4. Durlav Deka Memorial Award for original research activities from Assam Science                         Society in 1998.

5. Basanti Bordoloi award from Assam Sahitya Sabha in 2002.

6. Ghanashyam Goswami memorial award for popular science writing in 2004.

7. Elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences, India in May, 2004.

8. Sadhani Saurya award for original Plasma physics research in NE India in February                       2005.

9. Elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India in 2005.

10. Kamal Kumari National Award for original research in Science and Technology for March 2005

11. Women Physicist Award from Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal on                        March 2010

Number of Publications: 145 (88 in cited journals)

        Research Publications in cited Journals:

1. “Space Charge limited current in Polymethacrylate films”, Joyanti Chutia, K.Barua, Thin Solid films 55, 387 (1978).

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1.  “Radiofrequency plasma polymerization technology for surface protection of bell metal at low temperature”, Ref. No.: 1313/KOL/2010.

 2.  “Antibiotic-Loaded Muga (Antheraea Asama) Silk Fibroin (AASF) as Suture Biomaterial”, Ref. No.: 726/KOL/2014.

Completed Projects:

  1. PI of the project, ‘To Study the basic properties in Plasma Physics’, sponsored by                 Assam Govt. (1986-89).
  2. Principal Investigator of the Project “To Study the Chaotic Phenomena in                              Plasmas” Sponsored by DST, Govt. of India commenced from 01-11-90 to 31-10-94             (DST No. SP/S2/K-36/89).
  3. Principal Investigator of the Project “Sheath Induced Nonlinear Phenomena in                     Multi-componrnt Plasmas” commenced from 01-04-95 to 31-03-98 sponsored by  DST, Govt of India (DST No.SP/S2/KO5/94).
  4. Principal Investigator of the major Project “Development of the Plasma Physics                   Division of IASST’’ commenced from 01-05-97. The project is for five years and                 sponsored by DST, Govt of India (DST No. SP/I1/KU-1/94).
  5. Principal Investigator of the project “Study of post magnetron discharge Plasma                 sponsored by DST, Govt. of India, No. SR/S2/HEP-05/2002.
  6. Principal Investigator of the project “Study of metal oxide deposition by RF                            Magnetron sputtering sponsored by DAE, Govt. of India, No.2003/34/13-                               BRNS/604.
  7. Co PI of the project “Study of Polymeric Foam and their uses in Laser-Plasma                     Experiments” by DAE, Govt. of India, No. 2004/37/22/BRNS/2381.
  8. Co PI of the project, ‘Microwave reflectometry for plasma density measurement in               Tokamak plasma’, sponsored by DST, Govt. of India, No- SP/12/PC-12/2000.
  9. Principal Investigator of “Development of Plasma Polymerization process for                         deposition of hard, transparent and corrosion resistant coatings on bell metal and              surface modifications to muga silk fibre” sponsored by DAE, Govt. of India, No.                    2007/34/16-BRNS/1370.
  10. Principal Investigator of “Development of Proton Exchange Membrane by Plasma process for fuel cell” sponsored by Dept. of Renewable Energy, Govt. of India, 2010, File No: 102/64/2009- NT
  11. Co-PI of “Development of nanocomposite material based organic-inorganic hybrid flexible solar cell by plasma polymerization and magnetron sputtering combined process”, sponsored by Govt. of India.
  12. Co-PI of “Development of Liquid Crystalline Polymers” sponsored by Department of Information Technology, DIT, Govt. of India.
  13. Co-PI of “Basic experiments in multicomponent plasma with negative ions” sponsored by DST, Govt. of India.