Dr. Biswajit Choudhury


My research interests fall in the use of semiconductor nanomaterials for optoelectronics and energy applications. I have an insatiable desire to be actively involved in the following research areas—
1. Plasmonics for Energy Conversion
2. Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Nanostructures
3. Fluorescent Nanomaterials


  1. Ph.D. Tezpur University (2014)                                                                                                                                                              “Investigation of optical and magnetic properties of pristine and doped TiO2 nanoparticles” (Supervisor: Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury)
  2. MSc. Tezpur University (2008)
  3. B.Sc. Gauhati University (2005)


1. Assistant Professor-II (July 2019-present)                                                                             
Physical Sciences Division, Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology, Guwahati, India

2.DST INSPIRE Faculty (March 2016-July 2019)                                                                                 
Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology, Guwahati, India                                                 
Metal oxide-carbon based hybrid nanomaterials for photocatalytic application

Research Experience

1.Institute Postdoctoral Fellow (Sept 2014-March 2016)                                                                 
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati, India
Graphitic carbon nitride and graphene for photocatalytic applications (Supervisor: Prof. PK Giri)

2.DST Research Associate (March 2014-August 2014)                                                                       
Tezpur University, Tezpur, India,                                                                                             
Defect mediated ferromagnetism in metal oxide and defects manipulation for photocatalysis
 (Supervisor: Prof. A. Choudhury)

3.Visiting Research Fellow (April 2010-June 2010)                                                                       
Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India
Interaction of inorganic nanoparticles with Graphene (Supervisor: Prof. CNR Rao)


  1. B. Choudhury, U. Saikia, M.B. Sahariah, A. Choudhury, Vacancy Induced p-Orbital Ferromagnetism in MgO Nanocrystallite. J. Alloys and Compds. 819 (2020) 153060. (I.F. 4.175)
  2. T. Kashyap, S. BiswasiAR Pal, B. Choudhury, Unravelling the Catalytic and Plasmonic Roles of g-C3N4 Supported Ag and Au Nanoparticles Under Selective Photoexcitation, ACS Sustainable Chem.Eng., 7, 23 (2019)19295-19302. (I.F. 6.97)
  3. K. Paul, PK Giri, M. Fuji, H. Ishimata, B. ChoudhuryEvidence for Plasmonic Hot-Electron Injection-induced Superior Visible Light Photocatalysis by g-C3N4 Nanosheets Decorated with Ag-TiO2(B) and Au-TiO2(B) Nanorods, Solar Energy Mater. Sol. Cells. 201 (2019) 110053. (I.F. 6.019)
  4. B. Choudhury, K. Paul, D. Sanyal, A. Hazarika, P.K. Giri, Evolution of Nitrogen- Related Defects in Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets probed by Positron Annihilation and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, J. Phys. Chem. C 122 (2018) 9209-9219. (I.F. 4.309)
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  6. R. Gone, B. Choudhury, P.K. Giri, In-situ decoration of Plasmonic Au Nanoparticles on Graphene Quantum Dots-Graphitic Carbon Nitride Hybrid and Evaluation of its Visible-Light Photocatalytic Performance, Nanotechnology 28 (2017) 395703. (I.F. 3.399)
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Book Chapter

1. B. Choudhury, Carbon Nitride-A Wonder Photocatalyst (2019) in edited book-Nanophotocatalysis and Environmental Applications, Springer Nature.
2. B. Choudhury, A. Kalita, Defect Engineered Inorganic Nanomaterials for Supercapacitors (2019) in edited book-Inorganic Nanomaterials for Supercapacitor Design, CRC Press (Taylor and Francis).

DST INSPIRE Faculty Project
Duration: 2016-2021

Ph.D. Students
1. Trishamoni Kashyap (January 2019-)
M.Sc. Physics (2017), Gauhati University
Research Assistant: December 2017-continuing
Institute JRF: February 2020-

2. Manash Pratim Nath (September 2019-)
M.Sc. Physics (2017), Tezpur University
Designation: CSIR-JRF (September 2019-)

3. Manju Kumari Jaiswal (September 2019-)
M.Sc. Physics (2018), University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya
Designation: DST INSPIRE JRF (Sept. 2019-)

4. Suvanakar Deka (February 2020-) 
M.Sc. Physics (2018), University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya
Designation:Institute JRF (February 2020-)

M.Sc./M.Tech Dissertation

  1. Archita Choudhury (Jan-June 2018), M.Tech. in Materials Science and Engineering, GUIST, Guwahati, Assam
  2. Jayanta Talukdar (January-March 2020), M.Sc. in Physics (4th Sem), Kaziranga University, Jorhat, Assam

Summer/Winter Project Trainee

Antarleena Das (Pandu College), Bipanchee Acharya (GUIST), Manash Pratim Sarma (Brahmaputra College), Hrishikesh Sarma (GU)

Interested students to pursue their M.Sc./M.Tech./M.Phill dissertation works can contact me at biswa[dot]tezu[at]gmail[dot]com