GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography).

The GPC is fitted with 515 HPLC Pump, 2414 RI Detector�and both THF and water column.
Make and Model: Waters GPC with 515 Pump and 2414 RI Detector.


The fundamental characteristics of the polymer and copolymer are themolecular weight, molecular weight distribution and polydispersity. Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) more accurately termed as size exclusion chromatography (SEC), is a separation method for constitution of a sample of the polymer and provides a relative molecular weight with respect to standard used. In GPC, the polymer molecules are separated out by size or hydrodynamic volume because of the ability of smaller molecule to penetrate more in the gel volume i.e. stationary phase. When the sample moves along the column with mobile phase the largest molecule comes out first and the smallest, towards the end. Thus the polymer molecule separated on the basis of their molecular size. The GPC chromatogram records the detector response (mV) against time (min). The molecular weight distribution is calculated on the basis of standard calibration curve.