Research area for AcSIR PhD admission, August 2021 session

Sl. No. Disciplines Field of research (tentative)
1. Biological Sc. 1.     Proteomics,

2.     Drug discovery

3.     Metabolic syndrome and medicinal plants

4.     Gut microbiom

2. Chemical Sciences


1.     Bio and chemosensors and synthesis of high value polymers

2.     Nanoscience and Nanotechnology / Nanobiotechnology

3.     Protein-Inorganic materials co-assembly driven by ionic liquids.

4.     Environmental Chemistry

3. Physical Sciences


1.     Condensed Matter Physics/Materials Science

2.     Experimental soft and nano materials

3.     Cold atmospheric plasma radiation on biomolecules.

4.     Condensed matter physics/ Material Sc.

4. Mathematical and Information Scienes (MIS)


1.     Stochestisc Processes

2.     Hydrodynamics/ hydroelasticity/ Applied Mathematics

3.     Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition; Machine Intelligence; Epidemiology