Inauguration of the Security Barrack of IASST

The two newly constructed security barracks, named “Bir Lachit Barphukan Security Barrack” and “Bir Chilarai Security Barrack” of IASST, were inaugurated by Prof. Ashis Kumar Mukherjee, Director of IASST, Guwahati, in the presence of Dr. D. Goswami, Registrar, faculty members and staff of IASST on 20th July 2022. Bir Lachit Barphukan was the commander in the Ahom kingdom in Assam. Bir Chilarai, the 3rd son of Biswa Singha, founder of the Koch Dynasty in the Kamata Kingdom, was a great general of the Koch royal dynasty of Assam. These barracks are spacious, accommodate thirty-two security persons, and contain modern amenities so the security persons can live in comfort.


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